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Jingle Balls

December 29, 2008

Matt was the favourite child between him and his two sisters. His parents would never admit it, but you could always tell. It’s not that they didn’t love Kate and Lissa but for some reason they always seemed to go out of their way for him. Nobody knew why, whether it was because he was a star athlete at school or because he was their only male child, but come Christmas time without fail Matt would always get the best gifts.

Kate was a few years older than Matt, and before he came around she distinctly remembered Christmas being a much more exciting affair for her, simply because the holiday budget was entirely spent on her. As soon as Matt was old enough to tear wrapping paper her pile of presents was significantly diminished. She felt bad for the youngest, Lissa as she’d never known what it’s like to get an awesome Christmas because their parents were always too busy buying Matt new football gear or video games or whatever he wanted.

It was Christmas morning 2008 and all three of them awoke extra early and ran down to the living room to open their gifts. Almost an hour passed and once the flurry of bows and wrapping paper the three were left with yet another lopsided assortment of gifts. Both Lissa and Kate got a few bargain bin DVDs and new toothbrushes. Matt got a brand iPod and a new laptop.

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Expensive Date

October 3, 2008

Lizzie was not a cheap girl to date; she had demands and they were to be met. Most of the guys in her school knew this rather well but couldn’t resist giving her everything she wanted regardless. She was a knockout; long blonde hair, bouncy D-cup breasts and an ass that wouldn’t quit. She loved to tease the boys at school and use her advantage as a female to bleed their wallets dry like the succubus she was. Jeff was new to school and I guess you couldn’t blame him for not knowing better, but when he asked Lizzie out for a day out at the mall he had no idea what he was getting himself into.

You see, Lizzie knew a lot about society; the way society treated her as a young, innocent, vulnerable little girl and how she would always get her way if she played her cards right. As she was getting dressed for her shopping spree date she fondly recalled another boy who took her to the mall a few months back. His name was Giles and the poor boy didn’t want to pony up and buy Lizzie a nice bracelet she had been eyeing.

When he said “No way.” Lizzie immediately darted her hand to his groin and grasped his balls between her fingers. Giles didn’t know what to do, he was completely at her mercy and couldn’t do a thing to resist. “You’re going to buy that bracelet for me bastard.”, she whispered into his ear as her grip tightened, sending painful shockwaves through his system. “Because if you don’t, I guarantee your little nuts will not survive this.”

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Girl’s Night Out

March 8, 2008

Work can be hell. I’m stuck in my office all day with a whole bunch of assholes who think they are hot shit. I happen to be the only girl that ever thought it would be a good idea to get into accounting, and now I know why. It sucks being the only girl in a job that favours the boys, either you’re running into some story about how much pussy they’ve gotten in the last weekend or they’re staring at your tits the entire time.

Normally I would just kick a guy in the balls if I felt like it, but this job pays to well to risk getting fired. Instead of pinning one of those fuckers hard while they’re pouring their coffee or something I bottle it all up for my lovely evenings out.

Today was an expecially trying day. Jim from the next cubicle over kept popping his head up while I was working and I had no idea why. He did it like 6 or 7 times before I finally just got fed up and asked him why he kept looking over at me. The bastard, he flat out told me, “Your bra, it’s rather nice.” I looked down and the top 2 buttons of my blouse were undone, giving the pervert a damn good view of my breasts. I wanted to punch him square in the balls, right through the cubicle wall if I had to. Again though, restraint must be retained in the workplace, but someone’s balls are going to pay tonight.

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