Cassie’s Beach Balls

January 15, 2008

Dan was a lifeguard. He was a lifeguard for one reason and one reason only. He liked to watch the ladies. He’d taken the work every summer for the past several years. As he enlisted evry year he was continually astounded by the extreme sexiness of the beach ladies, but he’d never been more floored than when he met Cassie.

Sporting her two-piece bikini, cassie would arrive on the beach a little after noon for some sunbathing and an ocassional dip in the ocean. Dan would stare at her from his watchtower every week, marveling at her smooth creamy skin. He would oggle her from afar, adoring her large breasts and ass as she flipped over on her towel.

Dan knew the boundaries of his authority as a lifeguard. He’d always been instructed to keep his perversions in mind while on duty and remain professional. However, he we growing more and more tempted at the mere sight of Cassie as the weeks rolled on. So much to the point that one week he decided to toss expectations out the window and make a move for that ass.

“Can you move, you’re blocking my sunlight.”, Cassie asked, not even lifting her head up to see who was disurbing her.

“I’m sorry to distub you ma’am, but I’m going to need you to come with me.”, stated Dan as authoritative as possible.

Cassie finally payed him some attention as she rolled on to her back, revealing her deadly sexy stomach and breasts. “Is there something wrong?”

“Why yes there is. Do you think we post these anti-litering signs everywhere for decoration? I’m going to need you to come with me.”, Dan was trying to sound as serious as he could. He hadn’t actually seen Cassie litter, but ventured she probably had. Few people are perfectly tidy at the beach and he was running out of ideas as his limited male brain was focussed solely on fucking Cassie.

“Well, I guess if it’s that serious.”, Cassie rlled her eyes. She didn’t remember littering, but again ventured she probably had and this pervert was using it as an excuse to get an up-close look at her miraculous body.

Dan led Cassie to the nearby lighthouse that doubled as the lifeguarding offices. He sat her down in a chair at his desk. He was the only guard on duty that day, but needed to be careful not to get caught. “Wait here while I get the necessary papers.”, he told her as he waked out the room.” He went out and locked the lighthouse entrance.

Cassie knew this game. The pervert was going to slap her with some bullshit fine and offer her a chance to pay it off privately with a peep show. She was ready for this and had been through it before, but Dan was different than the rest, he acted like he was the big cheese, while all the other horny guard knew it as her who was always in charge. Dan needed to be taken down a peg.

The blinds were closed on the office windows, so when Dan walked into the office to find Cassie with her top off he was caught completely off guard. “Umm.”, he stammered out as blood began pumping down to his dick. Cassie had the sexiest nipples, not too large like most women and perfectly pink, just like he liked them. “What do you think you are doing?”, he asked as surprised/appalled as he could.

“You don’t like? I could put them away.”, Cassie started pulling up her top.

“Nonono.”, Dan raced out. “It’s just a very serious offence to bribe a lifeguard to get out of a fine.”

“Then we better make it worthwhile.”, Cassie whispered, pulling him close. She could feel his cock throbbing against her smooth groin. She pulled his head in and kissed him deeply.

Their tongues swam together as they made out. Cassie’s bare tits rubbing against Dan’s muscled chest. She pulled off his shirt and he grabbed her ass. She spun him around and pushed him down onto the desk. She slid off his swimming trunks to reveal a very hard dick.

Cassie hoped up onto the desk and stradled him. Dan’s eyes widened as she reached for the string of her bikini and began to untie it.hewee both completely nude now and he was going to fuck her.

Cassie hovered her pussy over Dan’s dick, taunting him as she wavered back and forth. His dick grew even more, reaching skyward for her slit. She finally lowered her hips down and felt the strength of his cock inside her as she humped him up and down.

Dan’s dream was coming true, and it had come so easily. Csssie slid up and down his dick faster and faster as he came closer and closer to climax.

It felt good to fuck Dan, but Cassie knew it would have to end. As she fucked him she slid her hand behind her to his balls and with sudden force Smashed her palm into them as hard as she could, while still fucking him.

“Aaarrgh!”, he screamed as the pain in his balls spread. “What the fuck was that?!”

Cassie smashed his balls again, harder this time. “Crime and punishment I’m afraid.” Her hand slammed down again, racking his balls harder still. “It’s a very serious offence to accept a bribe and let someone out of a fine.” Again and again and again, her fist socked Dan’s balls with every thrust down his cock.

“You’re fucking crazy! Get the hell off me!” dan had lot the strenth to toss her off him.

“I don’t think so buddy. I’m not done yet.”, Cassie continued to fuc dan harder and harder, punching him over and over in his most sensitive place. “I’m going to come, and if you make it happen fast enough, you may even keep your balls.”

All dan could do was lay there merciless to the abuse Cassie was dishing out, punching his groin over and over again. His mind reeled with each hit, causing more and more pain in his nuts. Cassie on the other hand was feeling the complete opposite, with each strike to Dan’s testicles she felt waves of pleasure shoot through her as she fucked him. She was getting faster and faster and was coming closer and closer to orgasm while Dan suffered more and more.

All of a sudden Cassie grabbed Dan’s balls and started squeezing with increasing intensity as she rode his dick. Dan’s screams blaired through the room and mixed with Cassie’s sexual moans made for an orchestra of emotion. Her grip grew tighter and tighter and Dan’s balls began to give. Cassie was coming to climax and started going faster and squeezing harder than she ever had before.

Then, just before her orgasm, to deafening screams, Dan’s balls were obliterated. She had squeezed his testicles to a pulp and his penis went instantly flaccid, flopping out of her very wet pussy. “Well that’s a disapointment.” She muttered, climbing off the desk. Dan was unconcious, he’d blacked out the minute his nuts were crushed. “What a pitiful man.”, Cassie said to herself, fondling his sack, making sure there was nothing left.

Cassie sat back in the office chair and finished herself off, rubbing her smooth pussy while feeling the mangled remains of Dan’s balls. She had just castrated a man and with no reprecusions, he could never tell anyone or he’d loose his job and get in a lot of trouble for fucking while he was supposed to be saving swimmers. Cassie loved the feel of her smooth ball less crotch and quickly orgasmed. She put her swimsuit back on and left.


  1. I love these stories, they are great, keep up the good work

  2. very original! i like the setting and your style. thanks for writing and sharing

  3. http://indiankanoon.org/doc/1152624/

    force and persistence that she reduced the man’s testicles to pulp and killed him by the shock thus given to the nervous system. If she was then thinking of the money, and intended to kill the man or knew that death would most probably result from the act, she would be undoubtedly guilty of murder





    “The wife squeezed the husband’s testicles that made him vomit. He fainted and fell unconscious,” according to the police report.


    2 cases in here

    One man tried mouth-to-mouth resuscitation but failed. They took him to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. According to the Medical Post Mortem Report, whilst all other parts of his body were found to be normal, the left testicle was smashed. The cause of death was “Neurogenic Shock”.

  4. heres a real story of a wife who killed her husband the same way.


  5. Nice! Nothing like getting nuts crushed and castrated just at te moment of cumming. I sure hope you didn’t let Dan cumming your sweet pussy.You should have fed him the mess he intended to give you. Probably about 95% of men shouldn’t have balls anyway. They only get them into trouble and what woman would care to me the mother of their children. I think rather than crushing the balls, women should consider crushing the blood vessels feeding their balls with their fingernails. Or how cool would it be to be giving head, and bite into them? Maybe right at the moment he’s ready to cum, bite the head of his dinky off and give him a kiss and pass it to him. Actually making the penis incapable of erection and leaving his balls would be a even bigger torment. He would want to fuck, get head or masturbate and wouldn’t be able to. But his balls sure would want to get off. You could have lots of laughs watching hisfrustration.

  6. crush balls

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