The Ballbusting Couple

January 16, 2008

Shaun sat in his chair at school, writhing in his seat. He tried to muffle the groans and squeals that wanted to break his lips, but he knew his cover would be blown. Shaun’s legs flipped back and forth, crosing eachother to try and quell the pain in his nuts, but nothing could stop them in her grip. His nails dug into his desk as they came closer and closer to caving in.

Kathy sat in her chair at school, writhing in her seat. She tried to muffle the groans and squeals that wanted to break her lips, but she knew her cover would be blow. Kathy’s legs tensed and contracted, her pelvis moving up and down as she felt extraordinary pleasure as he fingered her harder. His hands rubbed her smooth pussy as she came closer and closer to orgasm.

The two sat in the back of the room, handling eachother’s genitals in public. One in extreme pain, the other in ecxtacy. As she squeezed harder and harder she came more and more, each loving the incredible juxtaposition of gender. Kathy felt incredibly powerful with the ability to dominate Shaun; Shaun felt pitiful only able to serve Kathy. They loved eachother and this was how they got off.

After school Kathy and Shaun would go home together, Kathy’s parents wouldn’t get off work for several hours and that left the two of them completely alone. As they walked down the street with friends they seemed like a completely normal couple and when they broke off from the crowd and went into Kathy’s place all their friends just presumed they were going off to fuck. What actually happend is far more interesting.

The door creaked closed and almost instantly she was on him. Kathy pinned Shaun to the ground and started making out with him. She kissed him passionately, and he the same. Her hand would then slide down to his ready balls and smack them over and over. Shaun’s lips fell dead as all he could concentrate on was the pain in his groin. All that meant was Kathy had to press her lips in harder.

Unlike most men that got hit in the balls, Shaun never tried to stop her. They’d been going out for 3 years and she’d been busting his balls for almost as long. It was him who first asked her to do it, he’d always liked the idea of a sexy girl kicking him in the nuts and she was only happy to oblige. As she kicked Shaun she felt powerful and dominant and loved it. He was the first boy she’d ever floored and wanted to do it over and over again.

Instead of batting her hands away Shaun let her continue. He reached up to her shirt and ripped it off. She continued to smack his balls while kissing him, her young breasts bouncing up and down. She pushed up off of him and stood above him, threw her bra off and stomped down on his balls.

As she grinded them into the floor Shaun’s legs kicked and tensed, she was in complete control. “Take your shirt off!”, she demanded, flattening his balls beneath her sneakers. Shaun could only oblige as he succumbed more and more to the pain. His shirt was thrown across the room and Kathy released her foot. “Good boy, now get up!”, she demanded as she bent over, grabbed his balls and pulled him to his feet.

Shaun stood in front of her, his dick raging hard from all the torture. “Come here!”, he said pulling her in for a kiss. Kathy squeezed his nuts and he backed off.

“Not so fast.”, she teased. “Strip. Make it sexy too.”

Shaun had no choice. He took a step back and began doing a cheesy strip tease for Kathy. He made raunchy gestures and Kathy laughed, she loved his sense of humour. As he pulled off his boxers to reveal his dick Kathy was reminded why she loved busting his balls so much.

Any woman could dominate a man with a tiny dick. They’re already insecure and worthless, and even if you bother the sex you force them to put out is never any good. Shaun on the other hand did not have a small dick. His member was huge, larger than her first dildo infact. She loved the way his big dick felt inside her and loved the feeling of smashing his large balls to a pulp. He was a real man and she controlled him, that’s what turned her on.

Shaun’s raunchy dance ended and Kathy was still smiling. She loved making him do ridiculous things for her. Reaching out she grabbed his dick and started stroking it as she pulled him closer. Shaun’s hands went south around her back and felt up her ass as she continued to stroke him. He began sliding the short skirt down her sexy legs as she slid her hand down to his nuts, so big she could only palm one at a time. Her fingers wrapped around the scrotum, pulling them tight to the bottom of his sack and his fingers slid down her panties to the lips of her pussy.

WHAM! Simultaneously Kathy began kneeing Shaun in his stretched balls and he began sticking his fingers in her. Kathy’s tits flopped up and down as the couple continued their practice. Shaun’s dick raged hard and was ready to fuck her. Kathy pulled back, sliding his fingers out and kicked him hard. Shaun fell to the floor, his dick harder than ever.

Kathy slid off her underwear and threw them to the ground. She went down to Shaun’s level, straddling him with her pussy in his face. He instinctively began to lick her and eat her out. Kathy was pleased and she thrust Shaun’s dick in her mouth. Her hands went forward and grabbed his balls. They sucked and licked and squeezed like this so many times before.

Shaun loved the smell of Kathy’s sweet pussy, Kathy felt the throbbing cock in her mouth. They were both in heaven, and as Kathy squeezed harder and harder they both came closer and closer to orgasm. Shaun’s tongue darted in and out of her slit as Kathy bobbed her head up and down his cock. Her hands tightened more and more with each second and suddenly they both came.

Kathy pulled herself off of Shaun and just lay there next to Shaun, holding him in her arms. There was something strangely romantic about the whole experience, sharing such a strange sexual relationship had brought them so close together. They both held eachother as they cooled down, glad they found someone they loved.


  1. Hi there,

    first posting here. I really like the mix of ballbusting and licking, both my favourit fetishes. But in reallife, I prefer licking then ballbusting 😉

    I always enjoy reading your stories. You should make a nice “funny” story and tell Knave to make a comic out of it 😉
    I really liked knaves comic for Caligulas Story.


  2. Haha, we may have something cooking up for you lot.

  3. great story, im always a fan of ballbusting in real life (though i get to experience it so rarely)
    i think i will visit your site more often 🙂

  4. Aww, what a sweet story. I always love a good, violent read, but every now and then (and esp in real life) I love it when the guy really likes taking a hit. It’s adorable!

    • Would you be willing to kick me in the balls?

  5. The hardest boners I ever get are when my friend kicks my balls and and teases me while I’m on the ground. She always shows off her smooth crotch while I’m on the ground, and this envy always drives my cock wild!

  6. Now THAT was a good ballbusting story! I would love to have a sexy, voluptuous girlfriend stomping my balls until she made me cum. Then continue stomping my balls until my jerking, convulsing, heaving belly upchucked from the intense pain of her stomping my balls!

  7. Great story, I love your work

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