Lindsey’s Playtime

January 18, 2008

Lindsey hated being tickeld. Mark straddled her on the ground, in stitches she was laughing so hard and desperately trying to get away from him, he only pressed harder. “I’m warning you!” she said as he continued to crawl his fingers across her sides. “I’m serious!”, breathing was getting sparse she was laughing so hard. “Alright, that does it!”

All of a sudden Lindsey’s soft cotton sock soared into Mark’s groin. “Ooof!”, a gush of air escaped his lungs as his hands detached from his side and he fell off her, clutching his balls. Mark groaned and rolled around on the floor trying to quell the pain. Lindsay pushed up off the ground, dusted off her miniskirt and giggled. It wasn’t the first time she’d kicked Mark in the balls and it probably wouldn’t be the last.

“I’m sorry, did I get you?”, she teased. Mark just kept groaning, his balls hurt bad. “Oh, it looks bad. I should probably have a look. Open your legs so I can check and see if they are ok.” Lindsey got down on her knees and rolled Mark onto his back, spreading his legs. “I would just feel awful if I popped one.” Mark could only oblige as she brushed his hands away and grasped his nuts, rolling them around. “It’s hard to tell, they feel alright but I should probably do a stress test to see if they’re still good.”

The pleasure Mark was getting from the inspection quickly ended. Lindsey clamped down onto his balls. A huge grin spread across her face while Mark’s contorted in pain. The dull ache spread from the balls trapped within her grip up through his abdomen and into his stomache. Mark groaned and began curling. “Don’t be such a baby Mark this is important, we need to make sure they’re alright!”, Lindsey squeezed harder and Mark reeled back down to the floor in pain. “They seem fine I guess.”, she slapped them and stood back up. Mark did not.

“It must be quite a bother having balls.”, Lindsey said, walking across the bedroom. “I mean, they’re so sensitive and I’m sure they’re always getting in the way.”, she began looking through her closet for something to change into. “Remember that time at the pool, when you jumped in the pool and smacked your little nuts? Boy, that must have been embarassing.” Lindsey couldn’t help but giggle as she recalled poor Mark the day of the incident, floating around on his back, trying not to drown as he clutched his nuts.

She settled on a nice angora sweater, it was light blue and fit tightly to show off her boobs. Lindsey slowly took off her current blouse while Mark was facing him. She undid each button, one by one as carefully as she could to reveal her soft breasts contained within her bra. She was turning Mark on intentionally, but in his state the hard-on in his pants was worthless. She turned around, facing away from the broken boy to pick up her sweater off the ground, skirt so short Mark got a great view of her soft panties.

Lindsey loved teasing Mark like this and after putting on the sweater walked over to him. “Here, let me help you up.”, Lindsey extended her hand and pulled him to his feet. Mark’s hand instantly flew into his pocket and he was standing odd. “What’s the matter Mark? They can’t still be sore, they’re just testicles.”, Lindsey pulled his hand away from his pocket. “Oh my! What do we have here?”, Lindsey stared at it, the huge erection Mark was trying to hide. “Were you watching me change?”, she demanded.

“Uh, no!”, Mark stammered.

“Then how do you explain this?!”, she grabbed his dick, not vigorously, but gently stroking it slightly. “I ought to tell your mother you like peeping at girls while they change.”

“No, please!”

“I’ll tell you what, I’ll make you a deal. I won’t tell your mother, but you have to do something for me.”, Lindseys hands worked deftly, making Mark’s dick even harder.

“Anything.”, he was so easy to manipulate.

“Let me kick you in the balls.”, she said stroking harder. “I know I’ve hit you there before, but those were light playful hits. I want to know how much a real man can take. In case I get mugged or something of course.”

“Are you crazy?!”, Mark did not want to do it, at all but he knew what would happen if Lindsey talked to his mom. The decision weighed in his head and he felt Lindsey’s hand go lower. “Alright! Fine. One kick.”

Lindsey positioned Mark, legs spread in the middle of the room. He could smell her perfume as she got very close, wrapping a blindfold around his eyes, “It’s so you don’t flinch.” Mark stood there, impatient and nervous all at once. He was going to get a full force kick to the balls from the girl he liked and there was nothing he could do to prevent it. “Are you ready?”, Mark just nodded.

Lindsey’s took a step back, she wanted a windup for the kick. She rolled her miniskirt up just a little higher to avoid it catching her leg and took a breath, she only had one free shot like this. She took her step forward, accelerating her as fast as she could. Her breasts bounced within her sweater as she picked up speed and let her foot fly. Her sock wrapped toes made a direct contact with Mark’s balls. Through the soft fabric she felt his balls against his pelvis and felt them give as she pressed in with unprecidented force.

“Aaaaagghhh!”, Mark’s feetnearly came off the ground from the powerhouse kick and his hands instantly fell to his groin. Knees gave out as he descended and it was seconds before he was a shambling mound on the floor again. That was a hard kick, the hardest hed ever recieved (and Lindsey had kicked him alot!). The pain raced all through his body, completely draining him of anything but pain. There was nothing he could do but convulse as Lindsey just laughed.

“Wow, that was easy!”, she helled her hand over her mouth in titilation. “It’s not like I kicked you in the head, get up!”, she genuinely had no idea how bad the pain was for Mark. She didn’t have testicles and would never know how he felt. “Oh, you baby. Call me when you cut it out I’m going to watch television.” With that she sauntered out of the room, making sure to step right over Mark and in his writhing state of ball pain. “Men are so weak.”


  1. Nice one 😉

    Not as deadly as the other ones, but a nice fantasy.
    And is Knave going to make a comic of one of your stories ? 😉


  2. Very nice story indeed!

    Loved the description of her socked foot (especially minded for Knave i guess)


  3. Yes actually I think he’s going to be doing one quite soon.

  4. I used to lock tickling my ex-girlfriend. Too bad she didn’t enjoy hitting me in the balls. =(

  5. love*

  6. excellent story! thanks for sharing. I really enjoy reading stories by women.

  7. That was very sexy. It is true, a guy’s balls have no chance against a female foot….No matter how powerful and strong he looks.

  8. good one!!

  9. Men are so weak, that sums up the story, and every guy walking on the face on the earth. One kick in their hanging junk and they are done for.

  10. My sister used to do that to me when I held her down and tickling her like that. Little sisters sure learn quickly how to play dirty to even things up lol. I sometimes left myself open and ‘let’ her get me, but other times she got me good regardless.
    Keep up the stories 🙂

  11. Loved this story. Love the idea of getting him to agree to it. Although i would love to be kicked just like that

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