Lesbian Busters

January 24, 2008

Brittney liked her short skirts. She liked how they made her feel when she wore them. Well, in actuality it made no ifference to her, but she liked the way it made theboys feel. She loved the idea of being able to turn a guy’s dick into a solid monolith just by walking by.

She loved to tease the boys at school and soon became well known for her playful antics. She quickly earned the scorn of the other girls at school as she often distracted more than a few supposedly preocupied boyfriends.

One girl became completely consumed with fury at Brit as she gre fed up with her boyfriend ignoring her as the school hottie walked by. Jaime, a girl pretty enough but never recieving the attention she deserved because Brit always stole the show.Β One day she gathered up the “balls” to confront Brittney.

“You’re a bitch you know that? A bitch and a whore. You prance by every day flaunting your ass to every guy stupid enough to take a glance and you get off on it don’t you? You love the attention, even though they only notice you because your tits are always in their face. If you dressed like a normal person you would be completely unremarkable!”

In a flash Brittney and Jaime were brawling; slapping eachother, pulling hair, punching. The two wrestled on the floor until Jaime’s boyfriend started to pull the two apart. As much as he enjoyed watching Britney’s spread legs, he grabbed Brittney and pulled her off, holding her at the waist and yanking.

The two fighting girls were quickly seperated, but Brit wasn’t finished. She reached up to the boy’s crotch and grabbed a tight hold on his balls through his jeans. A faint grimace could be heard as Brit’s grip tightened and his hold on her loosened.

At that point she could have easily brushed him aside, but she didn’t. She kept on squeezing, harder and harder as his balls became flatter and flatter in her palms. The beau’s eyes teared up as the pain spread through his body turning him into a flesh shell of pain. He’d always wanted Brit to handle his manparts, but he’d always imagined it wouldn’t hurt this bad.

All Jaime could do was watch as her boyfriend’s testicles were being demolished by the girl she hated most. She could have easily struck Brit and stopped her, but she didn’t. As she sat back she felt waves of pleasure watching her boyfriend’s groin being destroyed more powerful than they had ever provided intact.

Brit knew what Jaime was feeling, she could see it in her eyes. She’d always loved seeing a man taken down, and now she was sharing that joy with Jaime. She squished harder and his balls began to collapse. It was incredible he could still stand as Brit’s decision was made. Pop!

She let her grip go and Jaime’s boyfriend, with a sack full of mush, hit the floor. He didn’t faint like the other boys Brit had busted, no this poor fool was still concious in the worst pain a person could feel. He’d lost his balls to Brittney, but she’d given something to Jaime.

Brit pulled herself up, fixed her skirt, walked over to Jaime and whispered in her ear. “Fantastic isn’t it?”

That night Jaime sat at home thinking about the day’s events. She’d seen her boyfriend’s testicles destroyed and loved watching it. Just then she realized how powerful it made her feel. She could exercise that much force on any man and there would be nothing they could do back, she didn’t have to worry about that sort of thing.

These thoughts started to turn her on very much and she couldn’t fight the temptation. As she sat on her bed she reached down between her legs and started rubbing herself through her panties. Oh, it felt so good. She pushed the panties to the side and dipped her fingers in. She was wet and they slid in and out with ease.

As she fingered herself her younger brother was snooping around the hallway. In her extacy she did not hear him and forgot she’d locked the door. He burst in suddenly and just stood there with his mouth gaping.

Jaime was quick to act, her fingers whipped out of her panties and she dove across the room, pushed her brother against the wall and for the first time in her life, kneed him in the balls. The young boy had never been whacked in the groin before and it hurt like hell. His hands instinctively reached down to cup his balls, but Jaime was relentless. She kneed him again and again.

Jaime’s pleasure extended as she hurt her brother’s testicles. He may have been 2 years younger, but he’d always been able to beat her when they wrestled. Over and over she pressed her hard knee into his soft balls, squishing them against his pelvis.

“Ow! Please stop!”, he begged. Jaime did not even respond. She just kept smashing his balls again and again. “Uuuuggghh…” He moaned as he started to black out. One more vicious knee and he did.

When he woke up he was tied to a chair, Jaime was sitting on the bed again, gently rubbing herself while he was in brutal pain. Brittney was also there, tightening the knots on his legs, Jaime had called her while he was unconcious, she was the only girl she knew would understand the opportunity.

“So, I hear you like to peep on your sister.”, Brittney said. “There’s a special term we use for guys like you. Do you know what it is?”

“…pervert?”, he stuttered, still confused.

“Close. It’s actually eunich.”, Jaime giggled at Brit’s joke as she continued to masterbate. Britney stood up and placed her foot over the boy’s naked ballsack, flopped naked against the chair.

She pressed her foot down and leaned forward, grinding his balls into the wood and giving him an excellent view of her long sexy legs and up her skirt. He stared at her pussy, held beneath her panties and wished he had one. His balls were in a world of hurting and wished he had a sexy slit and could please himself like his sister instead of hurting so bad.

Brit pressed hard down on his nuts and she felt powerful. No man could ever do this to her, that was why she was superior. Never mind the fact women are smarter and men are easily distracted by their assets, this was proof she was superior to every male on the planet. She had him by the balls and the situation could never be reversed.

She lifted her foot up, relieving the poor kid’s balls of the intense pain for only a moment. She let him sit there in his dull ache while she walked back over to Jaime who was climaxing. Brit pulled Jaime’s hand away and began fingering her instead. The two pleased eachother while jaime’s brother writhed in his seat, unable but trying to cross his legs and quench the pain.

Jaime peaked and loved it. She loved Brit’s delicate touch, so much more powerful than the clumsy men that had handled her. She got off the bed and walked over to her brother, his balls still red sore.

“Aaaaahhh!!!”, the boy screamed as Jaime punched his balls hard, flattening them against the chair. As he screamed he stared at Brittney, still on the bed, pleasing herself. He stared jealously as she rubbed her painless pussy. Jaime punched his testicles again and again, multiplying her brother’s sense of inferiority.

As he felt helpless to the girls something switched in his mind. The envy he felt, it turned him on. As his sister smashed his balls and he watched Brit’s body he started to get a boner. “Brit, check this out. The pervert’s managed a stiffie!”

“Well,well. You like this don’t you? I’ll tell you what.”, Brittney scooped his balls up into her hands, kneading them roughly. “If you keep quiet about your sister and I’ll let you keep your balls. Of course, you’ll have to come here and get them busted every now and then, but they’ll remain intact. Snitch, and I destroy them for good.”, a quick tug reinforced her point.

Jaime’s brother sat there, unable to stop the pain in his groin, or reach the pleasure his cock longed for. He sat there only able to watch his sister and the sexiest ballbuster on the planet make out. This happened more and more as the months went on and he loved it.


  1. Wow! Incredible story! Well done, I love the characters and the brother’s fixation with the girls nethers. Well done, keep it up!


  2. Just found you courtesy of Knave’s link. Excellent stuff! I am now a huge fan. Thank you for creating these and making them and thanks to Knave for pointing me in the right direction.

  3. Probably the best yet!!

    Hopefully there is a Part 2 somewhere down the road.

  4. oooh, no ballcrushing this time, but still a good one πŸ˜‰

  5. Glad you boys are enjoying them. There may be a sequel sometime. πŸ˜‰

  6. Wow! You go girls! Keep on bustin’ those losers’ gonads! Well written indeed.

  7. this was a very good story, i look forward to the sequel. will they turn other males into eunuchs?

  8. def my favorite of all your work so far. i think i enjoy it more when you decide not to totally bust their balls cuz it makes sure that more busting is in store for them πŸ™‚

  9. Not that I’m impressed a lot, but this is a lot more than I expected when I found a link on Delicious telling that the info is awesome. Thanks.

  10. i hate having this fetish. but its just allot hotter then normal stuff. anyhow, i like how you steered clear of the violence.

  11. hey i loved this!!!! i am available for my balls to be busted!!! just send me an e-mail and photos, i love to experience pain, i wish i was the boy in this story, thanks ttyl

  12. Dam, I love how you make the male balls look so helpless and weak. An area that no man can control. Boys are always so proud of their cock and balls, their powerful symbols of male aggression and strength, but once your characters bust them, they all wish their balls went away, and they had a pussy instead. The male body truly is a weak design, and I’m glad the girls exploit its weakness. GO GIRLS!!!!

  13. nice i want more

  14. hey i want more stories and images pls send email to me

  15. U got problems

  16. only a cute lesbian will i let castrate me . as long as her partner is there to smash them and have fun .


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