Chuck’s Balls Get Hosed

February 8, 2008

Chuck’s girlfriend had gone out to work for the day she was a
well-known lawyer and often left arly and was goneall day. He had
called in to work, claiming to feel under the weather, but in reality
he was staying home for a much more deviant reason. As the door closed
and she started her car Chuck already began heading upstairs to their
bedroom to get the object of his desire, a used pair of her pantyhose.

She always wore hose, sexy tan leggings that fit over her long legs
and made Chuck crazy. He loved the way they stretched over her thighs
and when she took off her shoes from a long day of work he’d have to
hide his boner from the sight of her sexy feet. When she wore a short
skirt and high heels Chuck could hardly contain himself.

He had to hide his obsession from her because, in all honesty, it was
more than a litle weird. Their relationship was a little rocky, Chuck
often did not meet his wife’s sexual expectations, and he didn’t want
to rock the boat. He carried out his perversion in secret while she
was out to work and she never knew, until today.

He slunk upstairs and picked a used pair up off the floor near her
side of the bed. He held it close to his face and breathed in heavily,
the smell was intoxicating. It reminded him of how strong she was,
walking around her firm all day putting men in their place and
asserting herself as a dominant female.

Chuck pulled down his pants and underwear, his cock raging hard from
the anticipation, and slid on his wife’s nylons. His dick made an
unatural bulge in the hose, these were meant for a female crotch that
lacked such obtrusions. He grasped his shaft through the hose and
began stroking it with extreme pleasure.

It was pure bliss, he loved the feeling of the nylons on his dick and
felt the extacy as he conjured images of his girlfriend’s sexy legs
that had occupied the hose just they day before. His hand slid up and
down, sending waves of sensation through his body.

While Chuck jerked his dick off in his girlfriend’s hose she was just
arriving at the office. As she opened her briefcase and searched
inside she realized some important documents were left at home. She
quickly got back in her car and raced home to get them.

The door creaked open slowly as Chuck continued masterbating in her
hose. As she walked into the bedroom to get the papers she was shocked
to see her boyfriend abusing her nylons. “You fucking pervert!”, she
screamed at him as she raced across the room and pounded her heel into
his balls.

Chuck hadn’t heard her come in, he was completely abosorbed in his
activity, but the pain in his balls made him extremely aware he’d been
busted, in more ways than one. He fell to the floor instantly,
clutching his nuts profusely as he looked up to see his girlfriend’s
sexy hose and her smooth pussy. He couldn’t resist and through the
pain of having his balls crushed he continued to stroke his dick, it
was so sexy how dominant his wife was and in an instant he came.

As his jizz filled the mesh of the nylons his wife looked down on him
in complete disgust. “You fucking pig!”, she kicked him in the chest
and pushed him flat on the floor. Chuck felt the pain as the
reinforced toe of her shoe and was helpless to her power. “You like my
hose? You like cuming in the? You sick fuck. You’re going to clean
this up!”, she got down on her knees and pulled the hose of Chuck,
disgusted at the dripping mess in her once usable hose.

As she pulled them down past his cock she grabbed his balls and
squeezed hard. Chuck’s mouth opened wide in the pain and she swiftly
shoved the jizzy nylons in his gaping mouth. “Suck them clean! Eat all
that fucking cum or you’ll lose your fucking balls!”, she squeezed his
nuts harder.

Chuck was completely humiliated as he was forced to suck on the nylons
he had worshiped for so long. The semen tasted awful, but he had no
choice, she had his balls and she would have no reservations
destroying them if he didn’t comply. As he choked down his own man
juice his wife squeezed harder and harder, furious at Chuck.

The last of the cum was cleaned off the hose and he spat them out,
“Please… let go… I’m sorry…”. Chuck could only mutter out a few
words as the pain in his crotch disabled him.

“I don’t want to hear it you sicko!”, Chuck’s girlfrend let go of his
balls and grabbed the cleanly sucked hose off the floor and Chuck
instantly curled and cupped his balls. He lay in a shuddering fetal
position as she inspected her ruined undergarment. They were spotless,
he’d swallowed the whole load and it was clean, but she still could
never wear them again.

As Chuck continued to tremble she walked over, her sexy feet clicking
her heels against the floor. She walked up behind him and wrapped the
nylons around his head, turning them into a gag. “I don’t want anyone
to hear your screams.”, Chuck could taste the scent he loved so much.
She tied them off in a double knot and draggd him to his knees.

“Kiss them!”, she pulled her foot out of her shoe and shoved them in
Chuck’s face. The smell of her feet excited him and his dick started
getting hard again. His lips pushed against the feet, through the
double layer of hose and he kissed her feet, completely embarassed but
aroused profusely. “You like this don’t you? Look at you, you’re
pitiful. Your little dick reaching up, I ought to snap it right off!”

She pulled her foot away from his mouth and swung her foot into his
balls. The shock enthalled Chuck, and then she kicked again and again
and again. His balls were being pulverized by her feet and he was
powerless to stop her. He was her plaything now and she had total
control over his body. She continued ramming her toes into his balls,
causing him more and more pain.

Chuck took it for as long as he could, he knew if he tried to stop her
she’d rip his dick off, but the pain was too much. He put his hands
over his balls in between kicks to defend his groin and his
girlfriend’s eyes raged. “You dare to stop me?” She pushed him back
down to the floor and stood up on his chest. Her nylons rubbed against
him, causing a rug burn like sensation, but when combined with the
weight it was unbearable.

She stepped forward and pushed her foot into Chuck’s face. “Smell them
up pervert, you like this don’t you? Isn’t this hat you want?”, Chuck
had no choice, she was sticking her toes in his nose and just by
breathing the scent of her feet entered his nostils. “Ugh, you’re such
a freak!”, She kicked him in the side of the head and continued to
force him to submit.

Chuck’s dick was still hard and the pain in his nuts began subsiding.
The smell of her feet was too much to resist and he began jerking off
again, unable to control his sexual will. “What the fuck do you think
you are doing? Did I say you could do that?”Β  She stepped back on his
balls, crushing his nuts beneath her.

She kicked his vigorous hands and kicked his dick. “You want to cum,
I’ll let you come, but it’ll be the last time ever!” She went into her
laundry bin and pulled out another pair of used pantyhose and pulled
them over Chuck’s legs, she punched his balls as she pulled them over
his cock and the pain was supreme.

Chuck lay on the floor, his legs spread as his girlfriend slammed her
feet into his crotch, squishing his balls agains the floor. She
continued to press down on his nuts with her reinforced toe, and
reslid her covered foot out of the shoe and began rubbing his nylon
covered cock. The mixture of pain and pleasure was an extreme opposite
and there was nothing he could do to resist.

His body writhed in pain while she pressed his balls into the floor
and he was coming closer and closer to cumming with each passing
stroke of his dick. She didn’t want him to cum too quickly, she’d
begun enjoying the destruction of his manhood and wanted it to last.
She pulled her shoeless foot off his dick and just stood up on his
balls, flattening them beneath her feet.

Chuck’s legs flailed as his manhood was being destroyed by his
girlfriend’s feet. He tried to scream but the gag in his mouth
prevented any audible pleas.She continued squishing his balls and
really began enjoying it, there was something sexy about making him
herr bitch and controlling him so completely.

She stepped off his balls and began just pressing down on one. She
trapped it in the side of his sack and singled all her pressure on it.
“I’m going to bust your fucking ball, better say goodbye to it!”,
Chuck screached beneath the gag but there was nothing he could do. She
pressed her toe down and it began crushing beneath the weight. As it
flattened more and more pain consumed Chuck’s body and he had to
whitness, in horror as hisΒ  lifted her foot up and stomped it down as
hard as she could.

In that one quick motion Chuck’s nut was obliterated and all that was
left was a pile of mush. He didn’t pass out and his dick stayed hard,
but he was completely riddled with pain and humiliation. He was only
half a man now, not that he was ever a real man in the first place.

She got back down on her knees and felt up his mushy bag, she’d
crushed his testicle, but there was much more to do. She grabbed his
dick, through the nylons and began stroking it hard. The pleasure was
negligible at this point, the pain was consuming Chuck as the loss of
his nut riddled his body. As she continued rubbing his dick Chuck
began getting turned on simply from the humiliation, he was completely
under her control and that was so sexy.

He began getting closer and closer to climax and his pained screams
turned into pleasured moans, all still muffled by the panty-gag in his
mouth. Chuck’s dick began twitching and was harder than it had ever
been. Then, just as he was about to come his girlfriend began bending
his dick and the pain took over again.

She folded it almost in half and it snapped, his dick snapped right in
the middle and it was crooked in an angle, completely worthless. “Try
cumming in my nylons now, you disgusting worm.” She began rubbing his
dick again, but it was losing it’s strength. As it turned into a
flaccid little nub the cum from his crushed ball splattered out and
got on his girlfriend’s hand.

Disgusted, she rubbed it on his face and removed the gag. She pulled
down her panty hose and straddled his face. She dragged him by the
hair up to her pussy, “Eat me out!”. She shoved it into his mouth and
felt his warm wet tongue stretch up into her cunt and lick all over.

She pressed her foot into his ball as he continued to suck and lick
her pussy to climax, fighting the extreme pain in his groin to try and
please her. She twisted it beneath her foot and he winced beneath her
crotch but fought on to please his new master.

His tonguetraced back and forth over her clitoris and she was getting
more and more pleasuree from the sensation of dominating Chuck. She
was going to cum and he was going to become a complete eunich.

Chuck continued to lick and suck and she pressed down harder and
harder. She screamed loudly and pressed down as hard as she could. The
orgasmic sensation raced up through her spine to her brain and she
stomped down impossibly hard. His last ball ruptured beneath her toes
and she came instantly.

Chuck was no longer a man, he had no balls or usable cock. Forever
more he would submit to his girlfriend as an oral slave, forced to
lick and suck her pussy every day. The only pleasure he would ever
receive was the joy he got from worshiping her feet and wearing her
panty hose as she tortured him and forced him to please her. She’d
become a completely dominant woman, totally control of her disgusting
perverted sex slave.


  1. Nice and violent. At first I thought it was interesting that you chose not to give his girlfriend a name. Then I thought, well, lets say you named her…Dana. Then that gives the impression that Dana is dangerous. However, by not giving her a name, then that goes to say that she could be any woman, and that any woman could easily do what she did. I’d almost ask how Chuck uses the bathroom these days, but then again his post-traumatic rehabilitation isn’t exactly what the story is about.

  2. Well, this question could potentially put my own balls in a bit of danger (probably well-deserved, I suppose) but when women wear pantyhose, do they wear them with panties or not? Not that it makes that much difference to the story, but I have wondered.


  3. notecraig, consider your balls flattened real soon, that is a dumb question. You can do either, most women do wear panties underneath but naughty girls don’t.

    makarov, I’m surprised you picked up on that, you’re rather bright for a man. Looks like someone was doing a little more thinking and a little less jerking while reading this one. πŸ˜‰

    • miss Katherine, I just wondering if you would be willing to flatten and crush my balls as well?

  4. I didn’t notice what makarov noticed at all. I was too busy wanking. =)

  5. Thanks Katherine! I try! On occasion, at least.

  6. Really nice story, got all I like.

    ballbusting, ballbusting, licking and no orgasm for the man πŸ˜‰

    really cruel.


  7. good punishment
    Girls should do that

  8. Awesome story… πŸ™‚

  9. makarov your absolutly right. now i’m afraid to get a girlfriend for fear that if i get rejected she will crush my crotch. {shuders}

  10. O.o omg to much for me i can stand the ball bsuting but snapping his cock was to much for me

  11. Fantastic story, really enjoyed it and shared it with my girlfriend who likes the idea of carrying out some similar destruction on me, keep on writing, you’re great! x

  12. Yeah… i agree wit guy. Ball busting is nice but cock obliteraton? meh… might as well kill the guy πŸ˜›

    • good story for girls

  13. I wish I could find a woman, ANY woman, that would gladly punch, squeeze, and knee me in my balls as if she were trying to shove them up inside me. Hard enough until I passed out or spurted or both. I would love to watch her pound the cum out of my balls until all my spunk was out of me.

  14. Believe me catherine,
    more you’d tell evryone about the story, more man do the unspeechable things to his girlfriend.. juzt want to make an equation from your story

    its true..
    in indonesia many tv channel is told evryone about femdom in the soft stories,,
    then whats happen?
    the criminals rate is increased..
    especially woman murdered an raped,,
    in theory youre activity is contributed it..
    please, whatever is very important to you or please you up..
    think about the consequence

  15. I would like to have you do that to me. You would need to tie me down real good so I couldn’t get away until you stomped my balls into mush. And unless we were i a remote spot you would want to gag me.

    Rather tan stomping balls, have you considered digging your nails into the sack and destroying the blood vessels feeding them? The balls would then shrivel ad disappear over a couple weeks. You could also do the same for the penis by destroying the blood vessels and preventing future erections. Most so called me would be better off without either. After all a tongue is much better. And you could always get a real stud with a big cock ad fluff him up for your eunuch to take the load in his mouth while you both laughed at him and said he didn’t even have a pussy like a woman and Should have never defiled a woman in the first place. Castration was the best you could do for him to prevent spreading his DNA when he seeped his sperm inches away from a pussy, because it was too tiny and soft to even enter.

  16. Superb Story πŸ™‚
    Pls Castrate my Balls too…..

  17. I’ll right away snatch your rss as I can not in finding your e-mail subscription link or e-newsletter service. Do you’ve any? Please permit me recognise in order that I could subscribe. Thanks.

  18. Crushing his balls, and breaking his penis means that she can never do it again. Better to just cause lots of pain. Then you can do it all over again everyday.

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