Boy’s Night Out

February 19, 2008

Darin was getting ready for a night out on the town, his friends Steve and Bill were taking him to a new strip club they’d heard good things about to celebrate. Word of the joint came from another coworker at their office who, after visiting was absent nearly 2 weeks, likely from sexual fatigue.

He said that when they went they needed to ask for Ms. Velvet, she was to sexiest and most accommodating woman in the club, able to fulfill any fantasy. Steve and Bill generally regarded their acquaintance as a pretty weird guy, but Velvet did sound good so they got ready and headed out for a night on the town.

The boys saddled up to a few bars first, getting nice and drunk before heading over to the strip club. They stopped at a convenience store for some condoms (just in case) and by the time they pulled up to the joint they were definitely ready for some action.

As they approached the door two girls wearing sexy short skirts and platform shoes greeted them and brought them inside. As they teased the boys, asking them what sort of service they’d like today they brought up Velvet and wondered if they could get a private show.

Forking over a couple hundred bucks each they were escorted down a long corridor of doors, each marked with a different letter combination, Starting at AA they proceeded to wait on the bench outside room BB.

Sitting and waiting the boys listened to the sounds of sex all around them; each room seemed to have some activity going on inside that was more than a little exciting. However, as they listened to room BB it was dead silent. They shrugged it off, presuming Velvet wasn’t in yet but reality was much more painful.

“Alright baby, how do you want those balls crushed?” behind the door Velvet was still with a client, a short middle aged office worker still wearing his work clothing. He lay down on a large bed, his legs spread and staring up at the lovely looking lady.

She was tall, wearing sexy black lingerie that showed off her hourglass figure. Her tits were large and bouncy as she kicked the poor client over and over, bashing his nuts into his pelvis. Legs were long and powerful, each kick was like a piston and as the poor man looked up her long blonde hair formed a weird sort of halo against the light.

Velvet however was far from an angel; she routinely invited men into her room for a special treatment. Some requested it, some were just painfully surprised, but they all left losing their balls to her.

Her toes curled over the man’s balls and pulled them to the end of his sack. Then she lifted her other foot of the ground and put all her weight down on his groin, squishing his balls completely.

He convulsed as the pain jolted through him before they popped and he blacked out. Through a back door Velvet tossed him into a dark alleyway and he was left to fend for his ball less self.

Meanwhile outside the room, Darin and company were getting impatient. “Hey, are you in there? I’ve got a hard on that needs to be taken care of!” Steve joked as he banged on the door, ignorantly guffawing with his friends.

Just then the door slid open and out came Ms. Velvet. The boys agreed, the dweeb from work was right, she was smoking hot. She stood in the doorway, legs spread as their eyes ran up past her thighs to her smooth pussy and they knew they were in for a good time.

“I take it you’re first macho.” she said, coyly twisting her hair in curls.

“If that’s alright with you birthday boy.” Steve looked back at Darin for approval, getting a satisfactory nod of consent. “Alright then, let’s get that ass moving”, Steve slapped Velvet’s soft backside as they walked into the room.

The pad was an interesting place, decked out in red the walls, carpets, drapes and linens all had a dangerous feel to them. There was a large bed, a closet for costumes and toys. Velvet brought Steve in and closed the door behind her. It made a strange hiss and click noise as it locked, preventing any sound from escaping.

Steve was getting really excited at the prospect of fucking this completely wild girl. He fished around his pockets for a condom and took off his shirt, he was expecting the time of his life.

Velvet walked up to Steve and sat down next to him. She coyly played with his hair as she began warming him up, playing her fingers down the back of his neck, across his chest and between his legs. She felt his dick stiffening and grabbed hold. He was really turned on.

“What do you like best about me?” she asked bluntly, forcing his eyes to re-gaze up and down her body. He examined every inch of her se frame and was trapped gazing at her soft, sexy ass.

“That sweet behind miss.”, he said as he marveled at it’s sexy round shape. He wanted to just reach out and grab it.

“Alright then buddy, how about a little lap dance? Take your clothes off and sit here.” She gestured towards a hard steel chair with no arms to get in the way. Steve got up off the bed and moseyed over to the seat, cringing as his now nude balls felt the cold as they rested on the hard cold steel.

Velvet wasted no time; she began working her ass into Steve’s boner hard. She grinded back and forth against the cock and got it really hard. Steve was having a blast and he was getting ready to blow his load all over her.

Velvet then suddenly sat down on the edge of the chair. Steve’s dick slid up, rubbing against her back as her ass squished his nuts into the chair. Here was no warning and no protection for poor Steve as his balls began flattening beneath her ass.

“Gah!” he screamed, but Velvet only giggled, leaning back and coyly playing with his hair once again.

“What’s the matter hun? Something wrong?” She leaned back farther putting more weight on his sensitive testicles.

“…my balls…hurt…” he muttered out, barely audible as he tried to suppress screams of anguish.

Velvet began winding her hips, effectively grinding his nuts into the chair really hard. The pain was unbearable and Steve began to tear up.

“Here, let me take care of that for you.” Velvet lifted herself up off the chair temporarily freeing Steve’s balls and quelling the pain for a while. He was hurt bad and rested his body back against the chair and closed his eyes, waiting for the pain to leave his body.

When he least expected it Velvet jumped up in the air and slammed her ass hard down against his balls, they splattered against the chair and beneath her she felt a pile of mush beneath her ass. Steve’s dick shot its last load and it went all over her back, covering it in now bloody semen.

Steve went unconscious and fell to the floor, his balls made him horny enough to come to the joint, and now they were the reason he was leaving. Velvet opened the back door to the alley behind the club and tossed his naked ball less body out. Closed and locked, she headed to the entrance to invite her next guest in.

Outside Bill and Darin were completely oblivious. They had no idea their friend and wing man had just lost his balls to the sexiest woman around. Naturally they were more than a little bit excited when the door began to open and Velvet stepped out to greet the next customer.

“Wait, where’s Steve?” Bill asked wondering where his friend had gone. He took a peek into the room and although he couldn’t see much past Velvet’s sexy body he was sure Steve wasn’t in there anymore.

“Oh, he had to leave. Emergency or something.” she’d never really been scrutinized like this before and was a little nervous with her answer. “Who’s next?” she winked diverting attention from her fumbled lie. “How about you sweet thing?” she grabbed Bill by the belt.

“Wish me luck”, he called back to Darin as he sat patiently in the hallway, waiting in anticipation for his big birthday bust.

Walking in Bill felt very different than Steve had. He was uneasy about Velvet’s odd response, but thought nothing of it as he was too horny to worry about his bud. He paced the room and sat down on the bed where Steve had so naively rested before him.

“What do you like best about me?” Velvet asked as she ran her fingers over his body, the same she had done to Steve and countless others. “What turns you on?”

Bill took a moment to reflect and said, “It’s those tits of yours. I want to suck them like there is no tomorrow.”

“Hmmm, that sounds good.” She said as erotically as she could, slipping off her bra to release her breasts from their prison. She pulled Bill’s hands up and he began massaging them and playing with her nipples.

She began getting aroused and they got really pointy and really hard. She pushed Bill onto his back, resting on the bed and went down to his crotch level. She ripped off his pants and began rubbing his cock against her boobs. The smooth skin grazed his dick over and over as his spread legs took in the tit fuck. Bill’s legs began twitching from the pleasure and he was really enjoying himself, his dick was the hardest it had ever been and he didn’t want it to stop. But Velvet had other plans.

She pulled her chest backwards and thrust forward. Her nipples struck Bill’s poor balls instantly, causing them tremendous pain. They were still rock hard from his massaging and as they crushed his nuts into his pelvis they only got harder. His balls were in so much pain and they were going to burst, he knew it.

Begging he muttered out something unintelligible before he simply couldn’t stop screaming and flailing. Velvet’s sound proof room left Darin and all passersby oblivious to his torment and when they finally gave beneath the pressure of Velvet’s nipples, Bill finally feinted just as Steve had. His dick spattered out a final load that landed all over her large soft breasts.

Again the door was opened and she threw his naked castrated body out into the rainy alleyway. Steve was still there, still naked and still with an empty scrotum. The two friends now lay knocked out, on top of each other like the trash they are sexually.

Velvet went back out into the hallway and smiled as Darin looked up, his turn was finally here and he was going to have his birthday celebrated right, or so he thought. “You’re up kiddo.” Velvet beckoned him in and Darin was not one to argue. However, something was troubling him. First Steve didn’t return and now Bill as well.

“Where’s Bill? Did he have an emergency too?” Darin asked suspiciously. He couldn’t imagine what exactly was happening to these guys, but he never would have guessed the truth.

“Umm, no he… uh… He wanted to take a shower. Shot himself in the face, if you know what I mean.” She winked for effect. The lie seemed to work as Darin stopped questioning and just followed her inside. He sat on the bed that had broken his two friends and would now break him.

Darin was a little different than the other guys. He had a much larger dick and a larger set of balls. Velvet liked that, but a bust is a bust and she wasn’t about to let personal preference get in the way of her job.

“What do you like best about me?” Velvet asked as she kissed his neck.

“Right now, those lips.” Darin snickered as he felt tingles up and down his spine.

“Alright then.” Velvet got on her knees and pulled down Darin’s jeans revealing the dick she’d felt up and anticipated. It was big and blowing it would not be easy but she had to.

The dick entered her mouth and Darin was in ecstasy. His legs stiffened from the pleasure and he was in heaven. He’d had a lot of good blowjobs in his time, but this was the best. She moved her tongue so deftly up and down his dick and when she started sucking his balls he knew she was a goddess.

Then it hit him, he felt her teeth braze his nuts and it was too late. She wasted no time, and bit into them hard. The skin bruised and she crushed his left ball between her lips and it turned to mush in a flash. Darin wailed at the top of his lungs and she shifted her mouth, chomping and taking out the right.

Darin blacked out instantly his balls bitten clean in half within his scrotum They would never get any action again. His dick kicked and stirred and like his friends’ shot it’s final wad. It flew up and Velvet caught it in her mouth, swallowing the cum from the balls she liked so much.

She opened the door and tossed his body out into the alley. The three of them were going to be a complete wreck when they woke up. She’d never have to worry about something like this and laughed as she walked back in.

“Well, I suppose you can come out now.” She called and the closet opened. Out came their coworker, the weird guy that had recommended the place initially.

“Here’s the cash. Thanks again. Those guys were real assholes.” He handed Velvet a stack of bills.
“No problem, anything for my favourite client.” She kicked the man in the balls and he hit the floor. “Let yourself out.” She muttered as she went out the front door to relax in the break room, another paycheck earned.


  1. Thank you very much for this story. It’s what I had hoped for and more. You took the small idea I had and turned it into a fantastically sadistic story. I look forward to getting another custom done, as soon as I come up with another idea for you fertile imagination and writing abilities.

  2. Very funna yway to crush balls 😉

    Never read a story where a woman crushed balls with ass or breast hehe

    *going to add it to fantasies*


  3. wow this story was great to.. loved it.. 🙂 *shrug*…

  4. Hm, cant wait for the next story 😉

  5. I love it when they get busted often & easily!

  6. My Favorite part was when Velvet used her ‘Teeth’ to Crush the Guys Balls. And swallowed his last Cum, too. It makes me wonder, Did She Eat his Testicles too? I would hope so.

  7. Wow, this is my favorite story so far. I especially liked how Velvet let them cum one last time, and even swallowed the last guy’s bloody seed. The idea of destroying their manliness by turning their favorite parts of her body into lethal weapons was just amazing. Ballbust by mouth is so hot!

  8. Hi, just wanted to say, I enjoyed this blog post. It was helpful.
    Keep on posting!

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