Girl’s Night Out

March 8, 2008

Work can be hell. I’m stuck in my office all day with a whole bunch of assholes who think they are hot shit. I happen to be the only girl that ever thought it would be a good idea to get into accounting, and now I know why. It sucks being the only girl in a job that favours the boys, either you’re running into some story about how much pussy they’ve gotten in the last weekend or they’re staring at your tits the entire time.

Normally I would just kick a guy in the balls if I felt like it, but this job pays to well to risk getting fired. Instead of pinning one of those fuckers hard while they’re pouring their coffee or something I bottle it all up for my lovely evenings out.

Today was an expecially trying day. Jim from the next cubicle over kept popping his head up while I was working and I had no idea why. He did it like 6 or 7 times before I finally just got fed up and asked him why he kept looking over at me. The bastard, he flat out told me, “Your bra, it’s rather nice.” I looked down and the top 2 buttons of my blouse were undone, giving the pervert a damn good view of my breasts. I wanted to punch him square in the balls, right through the cubicle wall if I had to. Again though, restraint must be retained in the workplace, but someone’s balls are going to pay tonight.

I made my way home to my apartment rather quickly, I was frustrated to no end and wanted to get the night’s proceedings underway. I took a quick shower and walked to my wardrobe to pick out an outfit that would seduce any dick-minded moron into doing whatever I wanted. As I panned through shirts and shoes I settled on a tight leather miniskirt and a haltertop that pushed my tits up and of course a sexy pair of pantyhose. I looked in the mirror and examined my naked body, my god was I hot.

My legs were long, I’m a tall girl, and they met my ass nicely. The thing everyone always loved was my boobs, they were large (not too big), but perky. They were firm enough and never sagged, even when I was naked. If I had to complain about something it would be my stomach, it’s not muscular but it’s not fat. I’d love to have a nice toned midriff, but it’s far too much work and male trainers are always too touchy (an incident I’ll have to recount later).

The thing I love most though is my crotch. Below a smooth patch of hair is my secret weapon. Guys go crazy for pussy, they need it like they need air or something. You dangle the possibility of them seeing your cunt and a man will follow you to the ends of the earth. I love it because of the power it brings, to completely control a man’s mind so I can control his balls.

I’ve often wondered what it was like to be kicked in the balls. I mean, I’ve done it to a lot of guys in the past but it’s something I’ll never fully understand. When I’ve asked guys how it feels they’ve always described it as this sensation that spreads through your body. Some say it’s sharp pain, some say it’s dull I personally have no clue, but it’s always hilarious to watch a man clutch himself and beg for mercy.

I dress myself and head down the elevator. Entering the garage I’m getting more and more excited and I crank my stereo in the car and rock out all the way to the strip club. My friend Velvet is getting off her shift soon and we plan to hit up at least a few bars tonight and mess with the boys.

When I pulled up I was expecting her to be ready to go. I waited for a good 5 minutes from after her shift ended before I decided to investigate, she was really killing my vibe. I parked the car and got out, walked through the club to room BB and stood outside waiting, the door was locked which meant she had a client and I was told never to interrupt.

I was getting impatient and decided to see if I could hear something from the back door. I walked around the joint into the alleyway when the door kicked open and there was Velvet, tossing another ball-less corpse onto her pile. 3 in a night, wow. “You better have some energy left!”, I called to her.

“I’ll be out in a minute!”, she responded. I went back into the car and it wasn’t long before she was racing across the road, tits bouncing in her blouse as she jogged. She was wearing these incredibly form fitting shorts and this thing that was more of a bra than a shirt. She loved showing off her midriff, unlike me she was well toned, I guess from all those years dancing.

The car pulled out of the parking spot and we made our way to the bar. “What was that all about?”, I asked her.

“Oh nothing, just a little side job, if you know what I mean.”

“Well, you better have some energy left in you ’cause I’m tense and I need my backup.”

“Don’t worry, the boys won’t see it coming.”, we both laughed as we pulled up to the bar and stepped out of the car.

We had to hit different joints every now and then, we’d become rather well known and for our little game to work the men had to be rather unwise to our fun. Now, most who fell victim usually kept their mouths shut, but there are the few who voice their problems. I imagine it’s hard to take a ball-less man seriously, but nevertheless stories get around of the two ballbusting bitches that love to seduce and destroy.

The place we’d picked was a new one, small chance of running into anyone we knew and still plenty of dumb men waiting to loose their nuts. We walked in and sat down at the bar, waiting for the right guy to approach us.

“Excuse me ladies, I couldn’t help but notice…”, If I had a dime everytime someone’s pickup started like that.

“Come with us.”, Velvet said and pulled him by the belt to the car. The idiot was only more than happy to oblige and found himself in the backseat making out with her before too long. I started the car and we pulled away to our little cabin near the beach.

“So, what’s your name?”

“Chuck”, he said in between tongue lashings.

“Interesting, we’re going to have a fun night, Chuck.”

“I can tell!”

“You have no idea…”

We pulled into the cabin and it was seconds before Velvet had Chuck pinned to the bed, ferociously making out with him. I noticed his dick getting good and stiff as Velvet ground her smooth pussy into him. While she was distracting him I went to the closet and pulled out our materials, a few leather straps and other little toys.

While Velvet was busy cramming her tongue down his throat I tied the knots around his wrists and feet. Spreading his limbs out across the bed. I always wondered why Velvet got to be the seductress, but I simply relish in the fact the knots need to be good and she is hardly as skilled with her hands as she is with her feet.

Once the final knot was tied and Chuck was completely imobalized Velvet just up and got off him, leaving him lying flat on his back, spread out with a boner raging in his pants. “So, which of you want to fuck me first?”, Chuck said as he wiggled his hips what little he could as an inticement.

It was time. I stood up on the bed between his legs, pulled my foot back and let loose. The first kick is always the most painful, especially if they’re not expecting it. Because his legs are bound there is no moving or flinching and hi balls recieve the entirety of my bare, pantyhosed foot ramming into his nuts. Instantly tears well in his eyes and the bonds strain as he pulls on them to cover his balls, but it’s useless.

Wham, again my foot slams into his sack, doubling the horrid sensation. Flailing now Chuck looks like an absolute tool. I get oon my knees and pull out a pair of scissors. Starting from the leg up I cut his pants right off, but stop when I get to the crotch. I jab at his balls in their sack, hard, but not enough to break skin. It’s so strange how they move about when prodded, but Chuck’s thoughts are far from the peculiarness of testicles.

His legs are already spread and it’s all too easy. I gas pedal his crotch, pulling on both legs as my foot grinds his nuts against his pelvis. I can only imagine the burning feeling of my finely netted hose rubbing against his balls, it must be hell. Chuck screams as loud as he can in agony, calling Velvet and I all sorts of obscenities, but it makes no difference. No one can hear him from the cabin and regardless of what he says, both Velvet and I are very lovely people that just happen to have a very malicious hobby.

Velvet taps me on the shoulder and says she wants a turn. She always liked stepping on groins, putting her full weight on them to see how much pressure they could really take. According to Chuck’s screams not a whole lot. His voice was so loud as we decimated his nuts, and ground them into a fine pulp beneath Velvet’s feet. I pulled off my sweaty pantyhose and shoved them in his mouth to shut him up. They were covered in my pussy juices from watching Velvet work Chuck over, it was an extremely erotic experience and it jut turned me on.

Velvets feet lifted up and down, marching in spot on his nuts, left right left right. She was brutal and the now silenced Chuck could do absolutely nothing to retaliate. Even if he wasn’t bonded what could he do? Hit us in the balls? Not likely, Women don’t have them and if he tried to just plain hit us, the likeliness one of us would land a solid shot on his groin is more than likely considering how dangly, obvious and easy to whack they are.

All this ballbusting had made me really horny so I got on top of Chuck’s face and began grinding my pussy into his face while his balls were being ground into the bed. Velvet went down to her knees and had the brilliant idea to squeeze him while I rubbed my pussy across his nose, forcing him to smell my cunt. I could see Chuck’s pain, his balls were red and swollen and he was kicking, what little he could, and was in a world of pain.

I on the other hand was in paradise. The stimulation on my cunt was extacy and I wanted the ultimate release, something I knew could only happen when he finally lost his nuts. Velvet and I traded places, me down near his balls and Velvet rubbing her smooth perfect crotch into Chuck’s face, his cries for help still muffled by my diry pantyhose.

Looking at his balls I wondered why nature would be so cruel to men, giving them these painful orbs that just sat there, dangling in the most vulnerable place. I’m glad I don’t have balls, they will never cause me to completely submit to two random women and will never bring me the pain poor Chuck is about to recieve.

I reach forward and grab Chuck’s dick. As Velvet grinds her pussy into his nose I start stroking the cock, it raises instantly at the last pleasent sensation it will ever recieve. I decide to go all out and thrust the dick into my mouth, sucking it hard, getting it nice and thick. Chuck is in a world of pleasure and I bring it to an abrupt end.

With both hands I grab the super-hard cock and bend it in half. Chuck flails in protest, but he doesn’t have a choice. In one quick motion I snap the cock and it limps to the side in a weird bent way. His dick is useless now and no one would ever be able to fuck it, but that’s not everything.

I reach forward and grab Chuck’s balls, one in each hand and begin to squeeze, and I mean REALLY hard. His balls start caving and poor Chuck is just flailing in agony beneath Velvet’s taunting. How he wished he had a pussy and could maybe join these ladies in taking down some poor unsuspecting man, but no. Instead he had bals, balls which were now being increasingly pressured by my tremendous grip.

This can’t go on forever, so I just finish it. Squeeze and pop! There goes Chuck’s nuts, now perfectly useless to compliment his useless dick. He passes out and curls instantly when we release the bonds. Forever more his cock and balls will be worthless to any woman that ever wants him. The only way he can please anyone now is by licking pussy until his tongue bruises.

As for me and Velvet, our adventures will continue, we fingered eachother while Chuck’s convulsing body was sleeping. We always do this after a bust. Who knows, maybe next time yours will be the balls we break.


  1. Hot story 🙂

    I always love the ballbusting-facesitting mix. And I like the Cock-breaking part.

    I really like the way you write the stories.


  2. Kat, you write some excellent stories and this one is no exception.
    Although there was no kneeing in this one, which is my favorite way of ballbust, it contained also pantyhose…very sexy.

    Keep up the good work!

  3. When it comes to ballbusting stories, I happen to like having returning characters. It makes a lot of sense actually, if you have two separate stories about two different ladies that bust nuts in primarily the same fashion for similar motivations, then it makes sense to have the same woman participate in both stories.

    Also, I notice this is the second story written in first person, and the first story written in both first person and as the ballbuster herself. This brings up one of the last lines of the story…

    “How he wished he had a pussy and could maybe join these ladies in taking down some poor unsuspecting man, but no.”

    In a sense, I’d imagine the reader is given a brief glimpse of how it is on the more pleasurable side of ballbusting, which makes sense. It allows you to narrate what the protagonist is thinking without having to become surprisingly omniscient.

    Definitely very erotic!

  4. more more more?

  5. I agree that we need more stories. I have had two story ideas of mine written and would like to see more. There are few sites that actually have good stories in them. I would definitly like to see MORE.

  6. Sadistic and sexy! The hottest combination.

  7. This story is perfect.
    You hit the jackpot by including pantyhose in this ball breaking story.
    I’ve always had a thing for pantyhose ballbusting, too bad she takes them off.
    Anyways, i hope you make more, good job !

  8. Any women out there want to tie me up and kick mine?

  9. The way you got to get him tied up seems unreal

  10. Wow, fantastic weblog format! How lengthy have you ever been running a blog for? you made running a blog glance easy. The entire glance of your web site is wonderful, let alone the content!

  11. yup..miss i loved it
    m waiting 4 u to make me useless
    give me da psin which is ur pleasure

  12. Ever since I was very young I loved ballbusting, it turned me on like anything, I always tried to get hot girls to kick me there, When I was in college there was this very beautiful girl I was totally crazy about her,she had very shapely and nice breasts, strong long legs beautiful face to die for and wanted her to torture me so bad
    I tried to annoy her very baad, I followed her everywhere and she warned me many times not to do that or else she would kick me in the balls(exactly what i was begging for)
    One day she had enough and decided to teach me a lesson
    She invited me to this isolated place and I wnt there without a blink of an eye.
    She was wearing a very sexy outfit seeing which I suddenly got hard, she immediately noticed it and started laughing and told that I was such a looser and I was pathetic and made fun of me, this turned me on even more.

    Then she slowly started to seduce me,she looked me deep into my eyes and started to touch my crotch, I was about to explode, she had the most beautful green eyes I had ever seen I was in even with all the chemicals in my brain going crazy, suddenly she started squeezing my little goods with all her strength I could see her beautiful strong biceps bulge and her teeth grinding, even this horrific sight turned me on, but the pain was too much, my entire body started to shake, and my vision started to blur tears ran down my cheeks, and she said I was going cross eyed and it was so funny

    She was having a lot of fun and started to humiliate me telling me how pathetic I was and I could never even come close to having a girl like her, she told that even my stuff down there was very small and pathetic and could never satisfy her all this while she kept on increasing the pressure mercilessly I could tell by the look of her that she was very much enjoying my humiliation and pain

    She said that i very creepy and disgusting and this is the closest i would ever get to having pleasure from her

    She said that frustrate looser like me go on raping innocent girls when they are nt getting any so she said that she was going to cure me by destroying my testicles

    I was immediately shocked I did not want to loose my precious testicles at the hands of a beautiful chick even tho i had fantasiced about it many times I started begging her not to do it I cried like a little baby

    She said don’t worry its not so bad, and also I was so pathetic that I would not be having any use of it anyway
    It will save a lot of your time from ************ and stocking and annoying poor girls she said
    also I might save a few girls from being raped she said
    she told tha world would be a much better place If i din have my testicles.

    I have to admit evn in all this horror i was still turned on very much I liked the idea of this gorgeous strong girl, practically a goddess so confidently dominating me and how helpless i was to my condition she was beaming with pure sexuality I had nt seen a more womanly figure, I think deep in my mind I din mind her crushing my balls into mush it felt like she had the right to do that to me and I deserved it for being so pathetic.

    But still a part of me was scared that i would not be able to have sexual pleasure ever again, I would be turned into a eunich no girl would ever want me( not that they wanted me now) I was kicking my self for getting myself into this situation
    I told that i would go to the police
    she laughed and said” gud luck with that you stupid looser
    I m just gonna tell them that you tried to rape me and i acted in self defence, then they would take to jail where i would nt want to be without balls”

    I could nt believe her plan it was perfect nobody would have any problem believing that a pathetic looser like me tried to rape a rare sensuous beauty like her, they would immediately lock me up and say its a gud thing i don’t have any balls left.

    I had no choice but to try and enjoy my last ***** and fantasies as this beautiful goddess was going to destroy me
    i just accepted my fate and stopped fighting.

    She said” good bye little guy and just put all her might into the squeeze and both my balls just ruptured in a splat, i immediately blacked out and fell to the ground, a few hours later i woke up and saw my pant was soaked in blood, my balls my source of only pleasure had been crushed into a mush it was worth less, i had no sexual pleasure pleasure from then on, now i wonder if it was worth getting into so much trouble just to have my balls destroyed, but what to do whats done is done.

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