Expensive Date

October 3, 2008

Lizzie was not a cheap girl to date; she had demands and they were to be met. Most of the guys in her school knew this rather well but couldn’t resist giving her everything she wanted regardless. She was a knockout; long blonde hair, bouncy D-cup breasts and an ass that wouldn’t quit. She loved to tease the boys at school and use her advantage as a female to bleed their wallets dry like the succubus she was. Jeff was new to school and I guess you couldn’t blame him for not knowing better, but when he asked Lizzie out for a day out at the mall he had no idea what he was getting himself into.

You see, Lizzie knew a lot about society; the way society treated her as a young, innocent, vulnerable little girl and how she would always get her way if she played her cards right. As she was getting dressed for her shopping spree date she fondly recalled another boy who took her to the mall a few months back. His name was Giles and the poor boy didn’t want to pony up and buy Lizzie a nice bracelet she had been eyeing.

When he said “No way.” Lizzie immediately darted her hand to his groin and grasped his balls between her fingers. Giles didn’t know what to do, he was completely at her mercy and couldn’t do a thing to resist. “You’re going to buy that bracelet for me bastard.”, she whispered into his ear as her grip tightened, sending painful shockwaves through his system. “Because if you don’t, I guarantee your little nuts will not survive this.”

“You crazy bitch, fuck you! I’ll call security!”, he replied defiantly. Lizzie twisted his balls as tight as she could and pulled on them to bring him closer. “Oh yeah, dumbass? Watch this.”, Lizzie let go of his balls and thrust her knee in as hard as she could, smashing his tiny balls between her knee and his pelvic bone. Giles’ eyes bulged out of his head and he instantly fell to the floor in a heap, convulsing and covering his balls with his hands in a vain attempt to quench the pain. Lizzie stooped down, pulled his wallet out of his back pocket and began fluttering up her eyes.

“What’s going on here?!”, a nearby security guard demanded as he rushed to the scene. All Giles could do was groan and roll onto his back and look up Lizzie’s short skirt as the security guard got his story together.

“Oh, thank god you’re here! This pervert here tried to touch my pussy! I don’t know where he came from, but all of a sudden I felt his hand up my skirt and I just reacted.”, Lizzie pleaded making the officer cling off every word. “Please, get this man out of the mall before he sexually harasses anyone else.”

Without a second thought the security guard hoisted up the ballbusted date and dragged him out of the mall. All poor Giles could do was think about his complete vulnerability and the power girls like Lizzie had just because they were female. He cursed his still throbbing balls as he was tossed out on the street and forced to nurse his aching groin on a bench outside.

It was a while before things got clear again, but Giles distinctly remembered watching Lizzie walk out of the mall with another man; on her wrist one rather expensive parting gift from him. She turned around and mocked him clenching her ball-less pussy and making a pained face, teasing him because she’d never know the pain and weakness of having testicles.

Just the thought of returning to her playground at the mall was getting Lizzie all wet. She desperately wanted to just show up late and pleasure herself right then and there, but she knew that the anticipation would be well worth the wait. She finished dressing and headed out the door to meet Jeff.

Jeff was really excited for this date, Lizzie was probably the seiest woman he’d ever get a chance to date and couldn’t resist thinking about the idea of them going steady if he played his cards right. How jealous all the guys would be at school he thought, imagining her clinging off his arm as they wandered the halls. Poor Jeff had no idea what he was getting himself in to.

The two met at the food court and chatted briefly, Lizzie said she wanted to go try on swimsuits, Jeff’s dick hardened almost instantly. Half stunned by disbelief, Jeff was dragged in to a rather costly swimwear store. Lizzie immediately darted off, and Jeff just sat down near the changerooms, waiting to oggle her body as she tried on different suits.

Liz returned rather quickly with what looked like a speedo. “Here you go, put this on.”, She demanded throwing the tiny blue and black garment on his rapidly deflating crotch. “The stall over there is free.”, she gestured to an empty changebooth. “Please? I want to see you’re big sexy muscles.”, she said batting her eyelashes before Jeff could protest. Jeff got out of his chair, marched into the room and after a few moments walked out to show Lizzie.

“What do you think?” He said to a back-turned Lizzie. Now was her chance, Lizzie spun around hard and quickly eyed her target that little lump in the front of his shorts. As she spun she snapped her hand into a fist and smacked it straight in to Jeff’s vulnerable groin. “Huh?”, she said innocently as she used her acceleration to drive her fist even harder, grinding his sore balls into his pelvis.

“Gah!”, Jeff screamed as he slumped to his knees, holding his balls in misery. His crotch had erupted in fire, his testicles throbbing and all because of a slight tap from Lizzie. “Oh, oops.”, giggled Lizzie. “I’m sorry Jeff, did I get your balls? Does it really hurt that bad?”, Lizzie went down to his level and removed his hands. “Here, let me rub it for you.”, she slapped her palm into his nuts and began kneading them like dough, causing wave after wave of horrid sensation to ripple through Jeff’s body.

“Wow, I really got them good. It was such a light tap though, are you sure you’re not exaggerating? I can’t imagine anything being that painful.”, Lizzie was now rubbing it in as she collected some clothing. “I’m going to go change, you wait right here. Like you could walk in that state. haha!”

All Jeff could do while Lizzie changed in the room was kneel on the ground, clutching his pained groin. He felt the complete weakness of being a male and felt so embarrassed he had been floored by such a slight tap.

Lizzie quickly emerged from the changeroom and held her arms up high “Tah-dah!”, she said to a back facing Jeff. “Excuse me Jeff, how rude are you?”, Lizzie paced around to the front of him, her hands on her hips and her feet shoulder width apart. She looked down at him and scoweled.

“I come out here to show you my bikini and you’re still going on and on about your balls. Pu-lease, give me a break, that can’t hurt that bad, look!”, Lizzie spread her legs a little wider, stretching the fabric of her bikini bottoms smooth against her smooth pussy. Jeff’s eyes couldn’t be seperated from the sweet vision of her perfect groin while his was in such agony. Lizzie raised her arm and slapped her pussy as hard as she could.

She let out a little noise and that was it. She didn’t fall to the ground, she didn’t curl up in a ball and she didn’t clutch two dangling orbs that caused her pain. “See, nothing. You’re so weak, and as a punishment, you’re going to buy me this bikini.”, Lizzie demanded as she tossed him a rather heavy price tag.

Jeff pushed out the first few words he could since his balls sent him reeling, “Fuck you!”. Jeff raised his hands off his balls and gave her the finger.

“Well then Jeffie boy. I though you were brighter than that.”, Lizzie snapped her bare foot straight into his balls, magnifying the pain a million fold with a direct hit on both testicles. She felt the two orbs compress against her foot as she pressed them against his body. “You see Jeff, there’s a big difference between you and I.”, Lizzie lifted her knee high and stomped down on his balls, crushing them on the floor. “While I can bring you to untold worlds of pain through your balls. You can never return the favour.”, She lifted her other foot up off the ground, placing her full weight on his gonads.

“I’ve got a pussy, no balls. I will never know the kind of pain you feel and you can never hurt me like this. It’s the advantage I have of being a girl, so you have to do what I say and like it. Or else I make your balls disapear.”, She twisted her foot, smooshing his nuts almost to the breaking point and then jumped. Lizzie’s entire body concentrated into her foot, her entire weight came smashing down on Jeff’s left ball, crushing it completely beneath her. Jeff looked up at Lizzie’s unprotected groin and felt a sublime jealousy; she would always be able to control him because she didn’t have balls and he did.

Jeff was a tough guy, he didn’t black out when Lizzie popped his ball. “Oh, and as a girl, I can also do this.”, Lizzie ran out of the changeroom shrieking. “Help Help! There’s a pervert in there! He was peeking under the stalls while I was changing!”.

Immediately two security guards came to apprehend Jeff and he was carted away. As they took Jeff away in his Speedo Lizzie picked up his pants and fished out his wallet. Lizzie smiled to herself, it was just too easy.


  1. Great beginning! Hope to read the whole story soon!

  2. I like the shopping spree with the line through it. Nice touch. Looking forward to the rest of the story.

  3. all hail mike and jeff! and i know you don’t hear my zipper…cause i never wear pants when i visit this site! lol. nice beginning kat, can’t wait to hear the rest of it. you rock!

  4. Hey, nice to see you back in action 🙂

    Cant wait to see the new story, I hope there are comming much more soon. I really liked to read your stories!


  5. Nice ending 😀

    Its really hot that she even took one of his balls just to show him who is boss!!!


  6. Balls don’t make guys weak, they make them strong! Ask any football player, or wrestler. Girls only wished they had the power to pee standing, cum, and gain muscle mass easily.

  7. Well, I agree that balls don’t make us guys weak, but theymake us vulnerable. Look at my collection of free kick pictures, compare the ways girls and guys react to it.


  8. Hi, i think kat is missing a couple of important things: if a guy’s ball is popped we would most likely die from shock (nervous system); if a woman uses the right technique, she would probably be able to do it using only 3 fingers and very little effort.

  9. I think katharine is a bit mistaken. If guys’ balls are ‘popped’, we would most likely die from the neurogenic shock induced by the injury. A woman using the right technique, should be able to do this quite easily with only 3 fingers and surprisingly little effort.

  10. eal court cases in india where women have killed men by only attacking their sex organs. its scary but true. One lady actually smashed her husbands testes to pulp, says the doctor doing his post mortem.

    http://indiankanoon.org/doc/1152624/ http://indiankanoon.org/doc/1727080/ http://indiankanoon.org/doc/1660698/

    she reduced the man’s testicles to pulp and killed him by the shock thus given to the nervous system

    The effect of that violence, according to the evidence of Dr. Lancaster, was much bruising of the glands and their reduction to a pulpy condition

    In this case a woman named Kaliyani has been convicted of having murdered her husband, Kalan, and has been condemned to death.,

  11. love ballbusting great to see a girl writing about it. If you like videos visit Ballbusting Tube

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