Jingle Balls

December 29, 2008

Matt was the favourite child between him and his two sisters. His parents would never admit it, but you could always tell. It’s not that they didn’t love Kate and Lissa but for some reason they always seemed to go out of their way for him. Nobody knew why, whether it was because he was a star athlete at school or because he was their only male child, but come Christmas time without fail Matt would always get the best gifts.

Kate was a few years older than Matt, and before he came around she distinctly remembered Christmas being a much more exciting affair for her, simply because the holiday budget was entirely spent on her. As soon as Matt was old enough to tear wrapping paper her pile of presents was significantly diminished. She felt bad for the youngest, Lissa as she’d never known what it’s like to get an awesome Christmas because their parents were always too busy buying Matt new football gear or video games or whatever he wanted.

It was Christmas morning 2008 and all three of them awoke extra early and ran down to the living room to open their gifts. Almost an hour passed and once the flurry of bows and wrapping paper the three were left with yet another lopsided assortment of gifts. Both Lissa and Kate got a few bargain bin DVDs and new toothbrushes. Matt got a brand iPod and a new laptop.

Lissa went in to her room to check out her new videos, but Kate just sat in the living room steaming mad. And that’s when it happened. Their father sat next to Matt and told him there was one more gift, handed him a small box which opened to reveal keys to a brand new motorcycle waiting in the driveway. “Oh my god Dad! Thank you!”, Matt shouted as loud as he could. Matt and his parents went out into the driveway to check it out but Kate would not be joining them.

Kate stormed in to Lissa’s room to fume. Lissa had been watching one of her shitty DVDs, it was something about a self aware android struggling with itโ€™s sexuality while trying to fit in with a strict Muslim family who doesnโ€™t know sheโ€™s a soulless machine originally designed by a rogue branch of the Canadian military to hunt Carmen Sandiego and get that bitch to stop stealing history. Kate sat and watched it with her sister for a few moments when suddenly during an argument between Carmen Sandiego and one of her goons she kicked him in the balls to teach him a lesson.

The goon fell on his knees and clutched between his legs, rolling on the ground in absolute agony. That’s when Kate got the idea. “Lissa, do you think it’s fair every year Matt gets the best gifts at Christmas? I mean, we behave just as well right? What’s the deal with Mom and Dad?”

“I don’t know Kate, I’m just happy to get something.”, Lissa innocently replied.

“That’s sweet, but it’s not fair. All we get are shitty DVDs about robots or something and he gets and iPod!”, fumed Kate.

“And a laptop.”, added Lissa.

“And a MOTORCYCLE!”, Kate was really upset.

“Wait, Matt got a motorcycle?! WHAT THE FUCK?!”, Kate had never heard her sweet little sister swear before, but it was a good sign that she’d be up for what she’d planned. “We need to get some payback.”

“What if I told you I had a great plan to make him wish he was never born? What if I told you we could hurt him in a way you could never possibly imagine?”, Lissa nodded gleefully. “Come closer, let me fill you in on the details.”

Kate explained her plan to Lissa and the two were brimming with giddiness as they went through all the ins-and-outs of how they were going to seek their revenge through schadenfreude. It was later that evening when their parents had gone out to Holiday Mass that Kate and Lissa threw their plan in to action. Matt was sitting in the living room, trying to get his music from the laptop to the iPod when Kate walked in.

Now, despite the fact they were brother and sister Matt found Kate rather attractive. She was a tall brunette with lengthy wavy hair and a rockin’ body. Her boobs were a hefty C cup and her stomach was well toned. She walked in wearing nothing but a matching white and black bra and panty set, her breasts heaving as she breathed and the tight panties clinging to the shape of her hips and pussy. Matt knew he shouldn’t but he was totally turned on by his sister.

“Merry Christmas Matt”, Kate said as she stood beneath the doorway to the dining room. “Can you come here? I need help fixing my brastrap, the last clip won’t connect.”

Matt jumped out of his chair and flew across the room to his sister. “You’ll have to turn around.” he stammered out, flustered by the situation. Kate did a 180 and rubbed her ass against his crotch in a rather provocative way. She felt he was getting really hard, which was perfect. Matt clipped the bra together and Kate spun around.

“Oh look!”, Kate exclaimed, “Mistletoe.” She pointed up to the collected bundle of leafy holiday spirit and smiled at Matt. “I guess that means we’ll have to kiss. Matt knew it was wrong, but she was just too hot and he was really horny. He leaned in, closed his eyes and puckered up.

Kate put her hands on his shoulders to brace him when sharply from behind little Lissa thrust a running kick square in to Matt’s balls. As she pulled her foot out of his crotch, Kate flung her knee in to it really hard, squishing his balls between her hard knee and his pelvis. Matt was in sheer agony, his balls felt like they’d been crushed and he fell to the floor, curled in a fetal position and shaking trying to get the pain out of his crotch.

“Oh, I’m sorry Matt. Does that hurt?” Kate teased as she grabbed his knees and yanked them apart. She placed her foot on his testicles and pressed down causing Matt to enter a whole new realm of discomfort. His nuts were trapped beneath her bare feet and there was nothing he could do but grin and bear it. Kate kicked him one more time for good measure and turned to walk away.

Lissa stood in front of her and was laughing hysterically as she saw the big strong brother she, and half of her school, looked up to roll around on the ground like a big wimp. She’d never seen a boy get hit in the balls in real-life before and was now fully aware that the movies she’d seen were hardly exaggerating. Kate stood in front of her and gave the motion to high-five to celebrate their successful plan but was cut short when she saw Lissa gasp.

Matt had somehow mustered the strength to lean himself forward enough to launch a rather fierce uppercut between Kate’s legs. His fist smacked her pussy and recoiled to clutch his wounded balls, expecting Kate to be joining him momentarily. The blow would have put any guy out of commission, his balls obliterated at the sheer force of the blow. Kate spun around in shock, she felt a sting in her cunt, and winced in pain a bit.

“You fucking dumbass!” Kate yelled. “You have to be the stupidest fucker I’ve ever met. Who tries to down a girl with a blow to the cunt?! I don’t have balls retard, I’m not weak like you.” Kate stood in front of him, legs spread in much less pain than he’d hoped. “You are so pathetic, look at you. Rolling around like a little weak ballbusted boy.”

“It was a fluke shot…I didn’t hit you very hard…”, Matt stammered out as the air had mostly left his lungs.

“Fine, you want to see how weak your balls make you? Stand up and give me your best shot to my pussy. Then we’ll see who’s laughing.”, Kate heckled.

“Kate, don’t! He’s really strong!”, Lissa was worried.

“Fine!”, Matt pulled himself together and stood square in front of Kate who stood defiant to him, legs spread, arms at her side. Matt pulled his leg back and punted her straight in the crotch.

“OH GOD!” Kate screamed, falling to the floor. Her hands flew to her groin and she began rolling back and forth. “Ow, it hurts so bad!”

“Ha, you stupid bitch! See Lissa, balls or pussy, it hurts no matter what you’ve got.”, Matt was laughing and gesturing to his crotch, leaving his legs conspicuously open.

“Gotcha!” Kate laughed as she revealed her bluff, reaching up and grabbing Matt by the nuts. The look on Matt’s face was priceless, he knew he was fucked. Kate pulled down with all her might and Matt buckled his knees in order to save his testicles getting ripped off. He fell to the floor in sheer agony, down to Kate’s level. “These are the weakest things in the world Matt, my pussy could never cause me this much pain”, Kate squeezed really hard for emphasis, “in fact, there’s no way you could even grab my pussy Matt, there’s nothing there to grab!”

“Please, let go. I’m sorry.”, Matt was crying now, his balls were on fire.

“Matt, I’ll tell you what. I’m going to do you a really big favour.”, Kate pulled both his balls down to the bottom of his sack. “I’m going to make you a lot less weak, I’m going to make you just like one of us girls.” She tightened her grip around his scrotum “I’m going to take your balls from you and you won’t ever have to worry about getting them hit again.”

“NO! PLEASE! Don’t break my balls!”, Matt begged.

“But Matt, believe me. It’s much better to have a pussy. Think about it. You won’t need to wear a cup to football games anymore.”, Kate giggled as she put more and more pressure on Matt’s balls. “And you’ll never get yourself in another situation like this, that’s for sure.”

“Kate, I’m begging you. I don’t want to lose my testicles.”, Matt’s tears were flowing from his eyes.

“I’m sorry Matt, you should have thought of that before you assumed we were all as pathetic as you.”, Kate was pressing her thumb in really hard now. “Say goodbye to your balls Matt, they’re going to be gone for good.”, Matt just shuddered from the pain. Kate clenched as hard as she could and his nuts popped. Matt went unconcious from the pain and collapsed on the floor.

When he woke up he was laying in his bed in tremendous pain. He reached in to his pants to see if his nuts were really gone for good. His hand slid past his belt and came across a little note card. He pulled it out and read it:

Merry Christmas Matt,
You get to keep one of your nuts!
It’s a Christmas miracle, I know.
Ever tell anyone about this, and I
guarantee you’ll regret it.

Love, Kate and Lissa


  1. Kat, I bow down and kiss your feet. You are truly a ballbusting smut goddess. The mistletoe scene was so freggin sexy. And I always love a good C cup girl…hot stuff luv!

  2. Love this story. You’re a clever, creative writer. Keep them coming!

  3. Nice, I liked it, Had alittle of verything people asked for, in the Comments.

  4. Oh my god you used the android thing….

    I wanna hug your face off!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I just love girls writing about girls poping balls ๐Ÿ˜€


  6. Great story! ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. I’m so jealous of girls, every time I get kicked in the balls I can’t stop thinking about how much I wish I had a pussy instead of my pain-stricken balls.

  8. Great story. One of the best ballbusting story sites around.

  9. I dont know if youve answered this question elsewhere, but could you tell readers a little bit about you, your general age, what you do, etc. thanks.

  10. Just gotta say again yours are the best stories on the web. My birthday is coming up and if your next one has something about a goth chick in striped socks and/or a cigar smoking kangaroo it would be the best birthday I’ve had all year.:)
    I’m astrally projecting over 9000 hugs at you as we speak…you feel em? No? Damnit.

  11. Great story, but I like those stories more where the guy keeps his nuts in the end ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Nice!!! Keep kicking!!!

  13. ya good story but i also think its better when balls are spared in the end…

    i mean come on its his sisters lol

    those fantasies look good on paper but in real life

    a women using that weakness against you can be the most tromatic thing ever i mean sister or not
    it would of probably ended in a 2x murder suicide if it was me lol

    loosing your balls is much much MUCH worse then death ( in reality its = to loosing your 3 children in a fire, all thats left is pain sorrow , murder suicide lol)

    but reading about it can b so arousing i think u got it great in your stories the whole power n conquest thing makes women look sexy and sociopatic lol sexy combo if u can keep your balls ๐Ÿ˜‰

    ” Take care of my balls, i will be yours for ever ”
    ” hurt my balls and i will hurt your face with an ice pick”

  14. Hot! I almost cum just reading this!

  15. grate story i love storys about girls busting boys balls

    its grate

  16. i love it

  17. i love it i love storys about girls busting
    boys balls

  18. I love your stories Katherine! They are so original and make me hard everytime. i would sooo love for you to kick my balls with high heels as hard as you could

  19. Uh…..You do realise that a forceful blow to a woman’s genitals can do as much if not more damage than a similar blow to a man’s? The balls can bounce around in their sack, a cunt has nowhere to go. It’s possible to die from the internal bleeding, not to mention that such trauma would cause more of a shut-down for the body, rather than just an “ow my balls” reaction.

  20. i assume you’re a transgender male who has developed this fetish from a childhood experience where you were abused by you mother or something, either way i’m so sorry about what happened to you, i know a good counselling site if you’d like some help?

  21. should have taken both his nuts….and his penis too

  22. this one is by far my favorite, i wish i could donate but i cant get a paypal accont till im 18… im 16 now

  23. this chick is sexy, badass, and scary all in one

  24. Ur a motherfuckin bitch because i kick a girl in the cunt before and she cried aand
    i t bagged her face then i spit in her face so ya you lier

  25. too bad this shit aint true and written by male perverts. I kicked a girl in the cunt after she tried to gra me in hate, and i leveled her. Just walked away too. How funny. Girls think they are invinceable. Hahahaha

  26. This is so retarded, of course it hurts a girl, I was crying for days. I’m so embarrassed of my own sex now because of all these crappy stories.I once kicked a guy in his balls thinking that it was funny but then in 25 seconds he recovered kicked my cunt and left me crying and humiliated for hours. I learnt that the hard way because I thought us girls were invincible to genital pain.I also heard from many girls saying these stories are crap and that a girl couldn’t ‘pop’ a testicle so easily.all of those movies and these stories are only over exaggerating the guys reactions!! Have the writer of this story even got kicked down there before?!

  27. bullshit, I love Ballbusting stories but studies indicates that vulva feels 70 – 110 % of ballbusting pain.
    I know that most of women pretend that getting kicked in vulva doesn’t hurt & they are lying.
    testicles aren’t sensitive because the are sexual organs but because they have highly sensitive nerve system which is the same is found in vulva
    if u don’t believe

    take any results & get impressed


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