KatherineBust - I will crush your balls.My name is Katherine. I like kicking men in the balls. Well, I also like squeezing, kneeing stomping and just generally causing as much pain as humanly possible to the little dangling orbs between the legs of men. Some people think I’m sick, some people think the people that like my abusive tendancies are sick. However, those people don’t know the sheer rush and exhileration of leveling a man twice your size with a well aimed kick to the balls. The power I feel knowing there is nothing he can do to retaliate and the sexual control I have over him are incalculably amazing. Is it weird that I would rather squeeze a man’s balls until he had none than ride his dick? Probably, but it’s who I am and you probably wouldn’t be here if you didn’t like the same thing.

Enjoy the stories.


  1. “…squeeze a man’s balls until he had none…” sounds like a good idea right now. There is so much sexual frustration in the world and finding some escape from it would be good. You’re lucky. Girls, of course, have the advantage of having more balls out there to bust. It’s the great drawback of ballbusting, finding a woman to bust your balls is one thing, but how far will it go? I hate having a pair of balls and not being able to get them busted by anyone. Reading your stories keeps me from spiraling off into my own fantasies. Girls fantasize so much better. I love when guy’s get really crushed and then castrated in your stories. Girls are so lucky. You can bust as many guys as you want but I only got a pair. Once a girls got them all she has to do is put enough effort into it and *poof* they’re gone. The girl wins and I lose two, and the tables can never be turned! I love when your stories capture that. I’m so glad you feel such a rush when you kick a man in the balls, I wonder if it’s as good as seeing you smile as your foot crushes my manhood, and my hands clutch at what you’ve ruined as I slowly sink to my knees to look up at your glowing, smiling face. Girls have it so good, because we’re the ones with the balls!

  2. wow. you are awesome !

    such delicious stories!!!! *sighs* mmm. !

    makes me think of some of the fine kickings i’ve recieved.. keep it up! got me up, thats for sure, lol

  3. Great stories you write here!

    I would love to have a girlfriend like you to bust my balls as much you like, dropping to my knees after a nice hard knee, kissing your feet or maybe even having the honour of eating you out….
    Do you also have some real life stories of you busting?

    • My girlfriend likes to squeeze and kick my balls, especially when she thinks I’m misbehaving. For instance when her black boyfriend showed up just as she and I were about to have sex, I was really pi**ed. My dick was hard and ready. She hit my balls with her fist then forced me to lick her pussy and suck hiis dick or she would really crush them. I had to watch them have sex. Afterward she hit ny balls again and both of them laughed.

  4. Most of the stories have elements of my real ballbusting experiences, I’m not a super-thief or history teacher, but I have kicked more than my fair share of testicles.

    I’ve been toying with the idea of writing some of my real life stories, if there’s interest I’ll consider it.

    • Yes please do.

  5. Yes please do write some real life stories. I would love to read them.

  6. It is so refreshing to hear an honest womans point of view on ballbusting. The impression I have had until now from the yahoo groups and similer sites is that theres far more men around into ballbusting and CBT then there is women who enjoy doing it to them.

    You’d of thought after all these years of so called suppression and male dominance that there would be many many women eager to have a man by the balls for pay back!

    My tend to find most women I date are far to scared to squeeze them hard no matter how much I reassure them I like it. Personally I find it exciting when a woman has my balls in her hand, the feeling of being completely at her mercy and having to do what she says or she’ll squeeze harder!

    Keep up the good work Katherine and i’d love to hear about your real experiances, specially any squeezing/crushing ones 🙂 Feel free to contact me if you want any male input or personally experiances for inspiration, or simply another pair to squeeze.

  7. Have a nice day !

  8. Love your stories! Keep them coming please. It is very much appreciated.

  9. It seems the term “Penis Envy” isn’t located in your dictionary. But if you love playing and squeezing a pair of balls, then wouldn’t you like to own them for a little while? I love my balls, the way the hang freely, and cause a sexy bulge in whatever I wear. I love my balls because is makes me strong, healthy, and a man. This is something a female like yourself, will never fully understand. Plus, they feel great!

    Do you ever envy what a guy has???

  10. Kat,

    Great to see the update. I’ll chip in just a couple weeks, sort of light in the wallet atm. You should post in a few places to let people know, if you haven’t already, just in case anyone gave up on you during the update. I didn’t!

  11. By all means, email me directly with some suggestions if you do pitch in. I love hearing from you guys.

  12. Hi,

    Some may think you are weird, I think you are perfect. Balls are such a terrible design fault, just hanging there asking to get smashed. I cannot understand why more girls are not into this. Shame your not an international jewel thief, I would get a job in the biggest jewel shop I could find if you were.

    I would love to here more of the feeling of power you get when stood over a large male who is crippled with ball pain. I would also love to know how much you think about really bursting a weak ball in your hands.

    Thanks for the great stories.


  13. 2 matthew – I like the way you named the balls – “a terrible design fault”. I do agree with you so much!

  14. Hi Katherine, love the stories specially the latest.

    I have some suggestions and ideas for stories or things that might add even more spice to yours if you’d like to hear them, where should I email the ideas too?
    My email is kamanth@hotmail.com

  15. this exchange is quite amusing–but seriously, keep writing the stories K. and tease us with more brief insights into your perverse mind.

  16. hey kat,

    dropped you a line on gmail. give me a shout back when you can.

  17. i never get tired of re-reading all your stories Kat. And i know i speak for all of us when i say we greatly appreciate the time you put into writing them. a huge thanks from the bottom of my…well, you know.


    btw, the new story i just finished writing is in your inbox.

  18. dropped you a line on gmail. keep on keeping on!


  19. I adore this site, I love having my balls stretched and abused. I just wish I could find a girl like you in the Chicago area Kat! If any of you Chi-town ladies are reading, drop me a note at bigpiercing@yahoo.com, maybe we could act out one of Kat’s stories!

  20. You need to be smashed in the cunt a few times, and don’t bullshit me that “it doesn’t hurt cuz there’s nothing there” or “nowhere near as much as a guy”, you got almost double the nerves in your vulva, you’d drop like a rock from a swift kick in the gash. You’re an arrogant bitch and someone really needs to put you in your place.

  21. I found this site by accident when I was looking for something to send my girlfriend.

    We were both on vacation so we weren’t able to see each other but I can’t tell who loves these stories more anymore, me or her. We can’t wait for new ones (but don’t really have the extra cash to go buying em, though you may get a donation from us someday).

    We are both really into this, and your stories are basically a perfect medium between those silly ballbusting stories where a girl gets mad at some park and the more intense ones at eunuch.org. These have just the right touch of personality to make the story compelling, mostly believeable and of course, faptastic (for both me and her).

  22. Your braver than i Mr.Guy.. not entirely sure how my other half would react.

    But yeah having read through three ball busting blogs the big problems i found are: there either way too long, badly written, or unrealistic when it comes to motivations of characters. best site I’ve seen so far

  23. hy katherine,
    What you do is amazing!!!!
    i am a man, and i like what you do.
    when a women do that to me, it feels like Heaven!!!
    really, i like to get kicked in my Balls,
    i enjoy it,
    and its a feeling you never get with ´´ normal“
    i like , if you kick my balls, too

  24. Cathrine, one day you’re gonna kill a guy with your kicks and knees.

  25. wow. this site is golden! i have been into ballbusting ever since i was followed home from school by 2 older girls and they grabbed me and kicked the crap out of my poor balls for about an hour. ever since this experience (about 10 years ago!) i’ve been very unfortunate and havent had a repeat experience. in my part of the world, the middle of england, it’s hard to find women who are into it at the drop of a hat. i totally agree with these comments, we need more BallBusting women! It’s great to hear the female perspective- after all, our balls are there for their crushing pleasure! Please keep up the great work on this site, and if anyone knows any Ballbusting girls in The East Midlands area, please hook me up! haha x

  26. I suggest a Pro wrestling story of a famous ballbusting diva. First remebering past matches, then going in and busting a wrestler or two. And a finishing of fighting breaking out in the stands, when she wins,resulting in many women kneeing men.

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  28. Hey Kat, do you still write your wonderful stories? It’s been a while and the masses, or at least me, are craving more!

  29. JustShowingWorship 2 your talent and mind goddess mistress.i also Have A Query of you i pray youd consider answering. Im42, and dominatrixs and all womem have been the goddessI bow 2 since puberty.iCant rember the number of goddesses who tortured my cock n balls and granted me the blessing of being a females mouth toilet. In the 90s, i did a lot of video work as a worm for corporal, aizzare, and gotham gold video.strangely they never went as far as i did w pro-dommes. I have come 2 the conclusion that i am here to serve and be tortured by females.im desperately searching for a goddess who could profit or practice 4 younger goddesses by castratig me.i was thinking women wth fem-dom websites migt like 2 relieve me of my tiny nuts. Im deeply greatful for any consideratiom u would bless me with. Ted

  30. Kat, has it really been over a year since you updated? Forget the donations, let me take you out one day for a dinner date and we can create some new ideas…

  31. Why did you stop writing stories? They were so good. I really think you should start again.

  32. If your ever in Michigan I have a big tough pair you can chew on!!! Write me!

  33. No comments in two years?!? Am I the only one who loves this stuff anymore? Sometimes, I get my (unfortunately reluctant) girlfriend to whack my balls, but I shoot a huge load from it. Thanks for the stories, billions of sperm cells died thanks to you 😉

  34. It’s a real shame more people don’t donate, or there wasn’t some other way method of funding, a lot of other ballbusting stories, have pagess, and pages off bad set up kathrine just got right for the well….

  35. I been turned on and excited about ballbusting ever since I watched the opening scene to the movie “Little Darlings” where cute tomboy actress Kristy McNichol deliberately kicks a teenage boy really…really hard in the BALLS!

  36. Hello Kate,

    You have a wonderful site here. I have some fascinations about these things. The idea of a woman controlling me by my balls drives me wild. She comes home from work, gets comfortable and has me slip into a sexy speedo thong. Gets me wet in the jacuzzi. My hair wet, I come out of the water. Still fully clothed, she comes in close, lays her hands on my chest. One hand up though my hair and one down to my balls. She gives them a firm squeeze. They are hers after all. My penis is fully erect and tingling with anticipation. Slowly she tugs by head back by my hair and brings her lips to my ear. She seductively whispers, “Your balls feel so good, completely under my control. You’re going to stay just like this for my little party tonight.” Before I can speak to dissuade her, she tightens her squeeze on my balls and thrusts my head back into a bath of water. My limbs flailing in absolute fear as she raises my face out of the water. I helplessly gasp for air. “Your hair looks so sexy slicked back like that, great look for the party. Now if you want to keep your balls attached to your body, you’ll do exactly as I say.” She releases my hair and lets my head sink back floating in the water. She still has my testicles trapped in her hand and rolls them around like Meridian balls. My mind is in a million places at once. Releasing me from her grip she walks away for a moment. My eyes roll back as I recover, breathing heavily but paralyzed in my position. She returns with a camera and pauses a moment to revel in her work. What she has done to me and I am completely at her mercy. Totally subdued and unable to protest, she snaps photographs of my body, the position in which she has trapped me. She surprisingly grips my balls, squeezes them hard and tugs down on my scrotum. Just as my eyes and mouth gape wide open she snaps a priceless reaction shot. She puts down the camera to come in close, running her hand up my neck, closing around my throat and leaning in close to my face. “Very sexy” Her hands ease their tension on my balls. I suddenly feel cold metal threatening my manhood. She runs the long length of a pair of scissors down my shaft and stops with the sharp point at the base of my balls. I am in total shock, quivering nervously as she slides one side of the scissors under my speedo. The contact of the cold steel on my naked balls send shivers up my spine. As she snips, the scissor travels up the length of my shaft. I tense up but trust her as she peels off my swimsuit, leaving me fully exposed and fully captive. Her long fingers work up the length of my penis. She stops at my uncircumcised tip and rubs her thumb around my loose and very sensitive foreskin. I am almost catatonic from the rush of pleasure she is giving me, completely under her control. Lifting from the back of my neck she raises my head out of the water. Water drips from my slicked matted hair as I open my eyes. We lock eyes. “Come for me” I let my head fall back in her hands and my body tenses up, focusing all its energy into my loins. Twitching uncontrollably I ejaculate. The orgasm continues and drains me of all my energy. She has something else in mind. One last hard squeeze totally blows my mind and I pass out into unconsciousness. She releases me, my body goes limp and my head once again submerges into the water. She stand above me, triumphant, “Rest up, my girlfriends will be here at 6.”

    Well that is my own little fantasy. I could picture you doing this. I could only imagine what you would do to me at one of your parties. I would love to get your feedback and perhaps some some ideas to spice up the story. My balls ache just thinking about how much fun you would have.

    Take care,

  37. While I have no problem with the entire ballbusting fetish (which I obviously share otherwise I wouldn’t be here) the speeches of feminine superiority kind of spoil it for me. I’ve always gone for the “everyone has an equal fighting chance” point of view and I’d just like to know if this is what you truly believe or if it’s just an exaggeration to add to the situational sexual tension.

    Because I’m sure if I was deprived by my manhood a certain someone who wants to have children with me would be less than happy with her supposedly superior position xD

  38. Hey Katherine, It would be awesome if you wrote some more stories! Already went through all these

  39. Hello Katherine!

    I want to thank you for joining my group!

    I love your stories, they really make me wish I was born without testicles and I feel that you are one of the greatest writers of erotic stories on the planet!

    How do you get your inspiration to write these? They truly are great! I wrote a few stories and posted them in my Yahoo Group. I would be honored if you read and commented them 🙂

    Keep up the good work!

  40. how long till you make a new post

  41. Aaaah I whish a girl can kick or knee or squeeze my balls, I love the rush of a girl going to caus me pain and her sexy knee up in my nuts

  42. Kay,
    Love your stories.
    I’m not a prolific writer but I’m told I’m not bad. I would love to trade stories or write a story together. Lets know if you’re interested.

  43. Hi ya Kat, where ya @? Longtime fan of your stories and its been a while since Ive seen your work so I thought I’d drop ya a line letting you know how much I’ve enjoyed your stories and to inquire wether you’re still writing for hire? If so let me know, I’d love to be financially supportive if it would encourage a new tale from your delightfully twisted imagination/experiences 😉 I saw a comment where you encouraged fans to email you but I don’t have your addy, so im really hopefull that this msg will find its way to you.
    Thanks for the great work youve already produced, Jax 🙂

  44. I hate being young 😦

    • Like seriously! 😦 I can’t find one girl willing to hurt my balls! They are like too afraid to hurt me! I hate it so much!! AAGGHHHHHH D: how can I find someone to do it to me?!

  45. Thanks a ton for spending free time in order to compose “About Katherines Ballbusting Stories”.
    Thank you so much once again -Harold

  46. Hey Miss Katherine. I’ve recently found your stories and have received some of the biggest erections in my life thanks to them! Are you doing anymore?

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