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Chuck’s Balls Get Hosed

February 8, 2008

Chuck’s girlfriend had gone out to work for the day she was a
well-known lawyer and often left arly and was goneall day. He had
called in to work, claiming to feel under the weather, but in reality
he was staying home for a much more deviant reason. As the door closed
and she started her car Chuck already began heading upstairs to their
bedroom to get the object of his desire, a used pair of her pantyhose.

She always wore hose, sexy tan leggings that fit over her long legs
and made Chuck crazy. He loved the way they stretched over her thighs
and when she took off her shoes from a long day of work he’d have to
hide his boner from the sight of her sexy feet. When she wore a short
skirt and high heels Chuck could hardly contain himself.

He had to hide his obsession from her because, in all honesty, it was
more than a litle weird. Their relationship was a little rocky, Chuck
often did not meet his wife’s sexual expectations, and he didn’t want
to rock the boat. He carried out his perversion in secret while she
was out to work and she never knew, until today.

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She Steals Jewels pt.3

February 5, 2008

The day of the job had finally arrived Kayla was double checking her equipment and getting ready for the heist. She thought about all the balls she’d busted to get this far, but knew it would all be worth it to take that arrogant smile off Brad’s face. As she thought about crushing all those men she thought about why she did it.

Sure, there was no faster way to bring aman to his knees, and sure it had always gotten her what she wanted. The real reason though was that it was sexy. She liked the power, she was going to be the best thief in the world simply because she was a woman. Natural advantage had put her ahead of the pack, and no man could ever stop her, his balls would always get in the way. She thought about how foolish Brad was, putting his balls on the line like this, surely he knew that if they crossed paths she’d make sure he and his balls were out of commission for good.

As she thought all this Kayla began getting more and more turned on. She stood infront of her full length mirror and gazed at her body. She took off her shirt, and pulled down her pants. She was down to her bra, containing the key to seducing men, and her panties, containing her true advantage. As she gazed at the smooth groin she began getting turned on, there was no package within and she loved it, She reached her hand down to feel the smoothness and began touching herself gently, it felt so good. She slapped herrself, feeling no pain and thinking of what would happen to a man if he tried that. His balls would send him to the floor, but she was fine.

The toll of the clock interupted her playtime, it was time to finish the job. She quickly pulled her suit back on, a sleek form fitting black number that showed off her curves just as much as her bra and p panties had. Any man she cameacross would have to take a double look before stopping her.

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Cassie’s Beach Balls

January 15, 2008

Dan was a lifeguard. He was a lifeguard for one reason and one reason only. He liked to watch the ladies. He’d taken the work every summer for the past several years. As he enlisted evry year he was continually astounded by the extreme sexiness of the beach ladies, but he’d never been more floored than when he met Cassie.

Sporting her two-piece bikini, cassie would arrive on the beach a little after noon for some sunbathing and an ocassional dip in the ocean. Dan would stare at her from his watchtower every week, marveling at her smooth creamy skin. He would oggle her from afar, adoring her large breasts and ass as she flipped over on her towel.

Dan knew the boundaries of his authority as a lifeguard. He’d always been instructed to keep his perversions in mind while on duty and remain professional. However, he we growing more and more tempted at the mere sight of Cassie as the weeks rolled on. So much to the point that one week he decided to toss expectations out the window and make a move for that ass.

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Ms.McQueen’s Historical Tutoring

January 13, 2008

Jim was far from a good student. He was never the kind to fail a whole bunch of courses, but he never did well. His parents always wondered why he had no self-motivation and frequently had meetings with his teacher to discuss the topic. It seemed Jim was destined to try no harder than the bare minimum and scrape by in life, something his parents would not abide by.

“Can you please teach him some common sense?”, they begged Jim’s teacher. “He’s a bright boy with a lot of potential, I hate to see it wasted. Maybe if you could provide some extra tutoring he’d get more motivated and start doing well.”

Jim’ teacher thought for a moment, “We could give it a shot I suppose. Although Jim is a pretty odd case, I may need to try some new experimental methods. However, if he’s up to it I would be willing to do what I can. What do you say Jim, interested?”

Now, Jim had had his fair share of hot teachers, the kind that wore the low-cut shirts and the tight skirts, but Jim had never had a teacher with a body like Ms.McQueen. She always looked professional, button up shirts that stretched over her more than ample breasts and straight cut mini skirts that showed off her phenominal legs. He’d imagined undressing and fucking her many times in class and began getting hard at the mere thought of alone time with her. “Yeah, I’ll do it.”, Jim answered a little more excited than his parents anticipated.

They had agreed Jim would head over to Ms.McQueen’s house Saturday morning where they would work on everything from math, to english, to history. Jim spent the majority of the week in class, staring at Ms.McQueen’s ass in anticipation of the proximity on the weekend. He imagined sliding off her skirt and fucking her hard, he knew the tutoring was going to be good, he just had no idea how good.

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He Started It

January 12, 2008

Danielle was a tough girl at school. She was boyish, but far from boy looking. She was into sports and physical activity and while this usually resulted in girls becoming over-toned, breastless she-males, Dani never lost her sex appeal. She was never allowed to play on the boy’s sports teams at school, not for her lack of trying, but it was the coaches personal opinion the boys would all be too distracted. Her large breasts and fine ass were the highlight of any school boy’s day and as much as they drooled, it was always look, but don’t touch.

Her favourite sport was wrestling, she liked feeling the physical superiority of pinning her opponent, the helplessness the felt beneath her. She fueled herself on that. In class she was always forced to wrestle the girls, which was fine but a serious lack of challenge. While Dani was not overly muscular she was a much smarter opponent and always thought out her moves before acting. She quickly grew bored of wrestling the girls and made the case to the coach he was holding her back by keeping her from the boys. The coach eventually conceded to her wishes and reminded her not to come complaining if they got a little too touchy-feely.

Danielle centered herself in the wring to face her first opponent, a boy named Josh who was one of the better on the team. The way he leaped up off the bench when she stepped in the ring was only a reminder to Dani how easy this was going to be. They squared off and forwarded towards each other, Josh lunged forward and put her in a hold. The fumes were almost visible as Danielle felt his hands all over her breasts, squeezing and massaging as he faked trying to pin her. Josh was in heaven and began circling her nipple with his thumb, big mistake. Danielle was pissed.

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Jessica Doesn’t Like Cheaters

January 10, 2008

I’d been dating her for about a year now; Jessica was the most beautiful girl that had ever conceded to liking me in any fashion. When I say beautiful I’m not talking about the type of girl that gets catcalls and hollers from the passing gaudy men that surround attractive women on a daily basis, she was beautiful in a much more centralized sense.

To describe her physically, one would remark her face first and foremost; piercing green eyes shaped not so much with an angry expression as a dangerous one, cheeks thin but not gaunt, and her full lips always marked with a thin layer of lipstick that added just the right colour that begged you to kiss them. Subtlety was her strong suite and there was an undefinable sexiness about that. Her body on the other hand was far from subtle, from the top down she was drop dead gorgeous. The first thing everyone noticed was her breasts, her perfect supple breasts. They were large, firm and always visible thanks to her careful wardrobe choices. Shifting eyes downward in a natural fashion she was slender, not skinny, with a stomach that was toned through years of looking after it. While not rippling with muscle there was a noticeable firmness to her midriff as it slid down into her smooth crotch. Her ass was round and soft, but not flabby and extending from them were the longest, sexiest legs you had ever seen.

Jessica was a veritable sex god and as I lay on the floor, clutching my testicles, writhing in pain I could only think of how stupid it was for me to cheat on her. You see, when we were intimate Jess was always the dominant one, she decided when and where if any at all, which is in fact the true nature of women. Without women deciding if we were worthy of a fuck the whole species population would have overflown at the lust of men.

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