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Expensive Date

October 3, 2008

Lizzie was not a cheap girl to date; she had demands and they were to be met. Most of the guys in her school knew this rather well but couldn’t resist giving her everything she wanted regardless. She was a knockout; long blonde hair, bouncy D-cup breasts and an ass that wouldn’t quit. She loved to tease the boys at school and use her advantage as a female to bleed their wallets dry like the succubus she was. Jeff was new to school and I guess you couldn’t blame him for not knowing better, but when he asked Lizzie out for a day out at the mall he had no idea what he was getting himself into.

You see, Lizzie knew a lot about society; the way society treated her as a young, innocent, vulnerable little girl and how she would always get her way if she played her cards right. As she was getting dressed for her shopping spree date she fondly recalled another boy who took her to the mall a few months back. His name was Giles and the poor boy didn’t want to pony up and buy Lizzie a nice bracelet she had been eyeing.

When he said “No way.” Lizzie immediately darted her hand to his groin and grasped his balls between her fingers. Giles didn’t know what to do, he was completely at her mercy and couldn’t do a thing to resist. “You’re going to buy that bracelet for me bastard.”, she whispered into his ear as her grip tightened, sending painful shockwaves through his system. “Because if you don’t, I guarantee your little nuts will not survive this.”

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Chuck’s Balls Get Hosed

February 8, 2008

Chuck’s girlfriend had gone out to work for the day she was a
well-known lawyer and often left arly and was goneall day. He had
called in to work, claiming to feel under the weather, but in reality
he was staying home for a much more deviant reason. As the door closed
and she started her car Chuck already began heading upstairs to their
bedroom to get the object of his desire, a used pair of her pantyhose.

She always wore hose, sexy tan leggings that fit over her long legs
and made Chuck crazy. He loved the way they stretched over her thighs
and when she took off her shoes from a long day of work he’d have to
hide his boner from the sight of her sexy feet. When she wore a short
skirt and high heels Chuck could hardly contain himself.

He had to hide his obsession from her because, in all honesty, it was
more than a litle weird. Their relationship was a little rocky, Chuck
often did not meet his wife’s sexual expectations, and he didn’t want
to rock the boat. He carried out his perversion in secret while she
was out to work and she never knew, until today.

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Lesbian Busters

January 24, 2008

Brittney liked her short skirts. She liked how they made her feel when she wore them. Well, in actuality it made no ifference to her, but she liked the way it made theboys feel. She loved the idea of being able to turn a guy’s dick into a solid monolith just by walking by.

She loved to tease the boys at school and soon became well known for her playful antics. She quickly earned the scorn of the other girls at school as she often distracted more than a few supposedly preocupied boyfriends.

One girl became completely consumed with fury at Brit as she gre fed up with her boyfriend ignoring her as the school hottie walked by. Jaime, a girl pretty enough but never recieving the attention she deserved because Brit always stole the show.¬†One day she gathered up the “balls” to confront Brittney.

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The Ballbusting Couple

January 16, 2008

Shaun sat in his chair at school, writhing in his seat. He tried to muffle the¬†groans and squeals that wanted to break his lips, but he knew his cover would be blown. Shaun’s legs flipped back and forth, crosing eachother to try and quell the pain in his nuts, but nothing could stop them in her grip. His nails dug into his desk as they came closer and closer to caving in.

Kathy sat in her chair at school, writhing in her seat. She tried to muffle the groans and squeals that wanted to break her lips, but she knew her cover would be blow. Kathy’s legs tensed and contracted, her pelvis moving up and down as she felt extraordinary pleasure as he fingered her harder. His hands rubbed her smooth pussy as she came closer and closer to orgasm.

The two sat in the back of the room, handling eachother’s genitals in public. One in extreme pain, the other in ecxtacy. As she squeezed harder and harder she came more and more, each loving the incredible juxtaposition of gender. Kathy felt incredibly powerful with the ability to dominate Shaun; Shaun felt pitiful only able to serve Kathy. They loved eachother and this was how they got off.

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Ms.McQueen’s Historical Tutoring

January 13, 2008

Jim was far from a good student. He was never the kind to fail a whole bunch of courses, but he never did well. His parents always wondered why he had no self-motivation and frequently had meetings with his teacher to discuss the topic. It seemed Jim was destined to try no harder than the bare minimum and scrape by in life, something his parents would not abide by.

“Can you please teach him some common sense?”, they begged Jim’s teacher. “He’s a bright boy with a lot of potential, I hate to see it wasted. Maybe if you could provide some extra tutoring he’d get more motivated and start doing well.”

Jim’ teacher thought for a moment, “We could give it a shot I suppose. Although Jim is a pretty odd case, I may need to try some new experimental methods. However, if he’s up to it I would be willing to do what I can. What do you say Jim, interested?”

Now, Jim had had his fair share of hot teachers, the kind that wore the low-cut shirts and the tight skirts, but Jim had never had a teacher with a body like Ms.McQueen. She always looked professional, button up shirts that stretched over her more than ample breasts and straight cut mini skirts that showed off her phenominal legs. He’d imagined undressing and fucking her many times in class and began getting hard at the mere thought of alone time with her. “Yeah, I’ll do it.”, Jim answered a little more excited than his parents anticipated.

They had agreed Jim would head over to Ms.McQueen’s house Saturday morning where they would work on everything from math, to english, to history. Jim spent the majority of the week in class, staring at Ms.McQueen’s ass in anticipation of the proximity on the weekend. He imagined sliding off her skirt and fucking her hard, he knew the tutoring was going to be good, he just had no idea how good.

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Jessica Doesn’t Like Cheaters

January 10, 2008

I’d been dating her for about a year now; Jessica was the most beautiful girl that had ever conceded to liking me in any fashion. When I say beautiful I’m not talking about the type of girl that gets catcalls and hollers from the passing gaudy men that surround attractive women on a daily basis, she was beautiful in a much more centralized sense.

To describe her physically, one would remark her face first and foremost; piercing green eyes shaped not so much with an angry expression as a dangerous one, cheeks thin but not gaunt, and her full lips always marked with a thin layer of lipstick that added just the right colour that begged you to kiss them. Subtlety was her strong suite and there was an undefinable sexiness about that. Her body on the other hand was far from subtle, from the top down she was drop dead gorgeous. The first thing everyone noticed was her breasts, her perfect supple breasts. They were large, firm and always visible thanks to her careful wardrobe choices. Shifting eyes downward in a natural fashion she was slender, not skinny, with a stomach that was toned through years of looking after it. While not rippling with muscle there was a noticeable firmness to her midriff as it slid down into her smooth crotch. Her ass was round and soft, but not flabby and extending from them were the longest, sexiest legs you had ever seen.

Jessica was a veritable sex god and as I lay on the floor, clutching my testicles, writhing in pain I could only think of how stupid it was for me to cheat on her. You see, when we were intimate Jess was always the dominant one, she decided when and where if any at all, which is in fact the true nature of women. Without women deciding if we were worthy of a fuck the whole species population would have overflown at the lust of men.

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