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Jingle Balls

December 29, 2008

Matt was the favourite child between him and his two sisters. His parents would never admit it, but you could always tell. It’s not that they didn’t love Kate and Lissa but for some reason they always seemed to go out of their way for him. Nobody knew why, whether it was because he was a star athlete at school or because he was their only male child, but come Christmas time without fail Matt would always get the best gifts.

Kate was a few years older than Matt, and before he came around she distinctly remembered Christmas being a much more exciting affair for her, simply because the holiday budget was entirely spent on her. As soon as Matt was old enough to tear wrapping paper her pile of presents was significantly diminished. She felt bad for the youngest, Lissa as she’d never known what it’s like to get an awesome Christmas because their parents were always too busy buying Matt new football gear or video games or whatever he wanted.

It was Christmas morning 2008 and all three of them awoke extra early and ran down to the living room to open their gifts. Almost an hour passed and once the flurry of bows and wrapping paper the three were left with yet another lopsided assortment of gifts. Both Lissa and Kate got a few bargain bin DVDs and new toothbrushes. Matt got a brand iPod and a new laptop.

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Lesbian Busters

January 24, 2008

Brittney liked her short skirts. She liked how they made her feel when she wore them. Well, in actuality it made no ifference to her, but she liked the way it made theboys feel. She loved the idea of being able to turn a guy’s dick into a solid monolith just by walking by.

She loved to tease the boys at school and soon became well known for her playful antics. She quickly earned the scorn of the other girls at school as she often distracted more than a few supposedly preocupied boyfriends.

One girl became completely consumed with fury at Brit as she gre fed up with her boyfriend ignoring her as the school hottie walked by. Jaime, a girl pretty enough but never recieving the attention she deserved because Brit always stole the show.¬†One day she gathered up the “balls” to confront Brittney.

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